Words. Jonathan Brown

January 22nd, 2011 by Conor

dear conor, michelle, sock monkey, moose, random “guy”:

I found out early about danny’s accident and injury, just a couple days after it happened. in fact, i sent a “get shredder danny” photo from my hotel at killington and had a short text conversation with conor, who was very stoked that although i didn’t know danny, i was reaching out to him and wishing him back onto his feet. i’ve been hurt, most snowboarders have – of course, i’ve never been where danny is and can’t speak about it – but it always bums me out when a great rider (and danny obviously is, i mean, if people haven’t seen his vids they’re missing out) goes down to injury.

the major difference here is that you, conor, and michelle, and everyone else there are doing so much for danny, so many people watch DITB every day just to check on danny. i’ve checked in almost every day since i discovered the site, and almost every day there is something else that warms my heart. it is so wonderful to hear that danny is still danny! that he can communicate, cuddle, poot, and generally be himself as best as he can. i have such a strong feeling that danny will be back to himself soon, and that then you can all take your lives off of the “hold button” and get out of that hospital and whatnot. i can’t wait for the day the updates tell us that danny has been outside, that he’s felt the sun and wind on his face. for me, those simple two things mean the world. and i’m sure that as important as it is for danny to recuperate, to get well, and get put back together, how hard must it be to lay there, surrounded by machines and tubes, when you’re a free spirit, when you belong on a snowboard.

it has to be just as frustrating if not more so for you guys up there. for you guys that know him personally, for you that know more than just the website and the multi-flip clips, it has to be terrifying, amazing, just wild to be there and see this happen. it’s truly astonishing to watch it happen from north carolina; i can’t imagine how wonderful it must have felt to be able to communicate with someone you love so much.

conor, your tireless efforts with this site are worthy of a nobel prize. when danny is back completely, and he sees all that all of you have done for him….that will be a powerful, powerful day. and it will be emotional for all of us too…every one of us wants danny to get up and get better. every single one. and im sure danny wants that too! 😀

the day he walks out of that hospital will be one of the greatest days of all of your lives. it will also be one of the happiest moments of this season for me. i am pulling for all of you, from deep down in the bottom of my heart. it’s a terrible situation, an awful injury to an amazing fellow. that all of the snowboarding world is pulling for danny i hope makes you smile.

cheers, and all the best to everyone, including the snowboarding moose and the sock monkey. with all of the awful things going on in the world these days, it’s truly wonderful to have something happening that makes me smile every day. thank you all, so very much.

GET SHREDDER DANNY! said it once and i’ll say it again!!!!

much love.

Words. Carol O’Neill

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

To Ellie, Conor, David, Michelle and Joe,

I just wanted each of you to know that in no way can I remotely fathom what you are going through, but as a family member, I absolutely share your pain and your joys as Danny slowly comes back to us.

From my mom, my sisters, brothers-in-law and all of the cousins I can tell you that we have been devastated by this experience. We are all forever changed by it – in ways we can see and in ways we have yet to experience

I have hope, faith and love, and a great deal of it, but I also have a sorrow that goes deeper into my soul than anything I have experienced since dad died 15 years ago.

I have a pit in my stomach that I can’t get rid of. I cry at the drop of a hat. I squeak by each day, doing what is demanded of me and at the end of the day I am spent, empty, hollow and flat.

I can’t wait for night to come so I can go to bed, then I can’t sleep. Or, I fall asleep and wake up hours later, in the middle of the night and wish that I could be in room 5109 with Danny, Conor and Michelle.

I drive home after work and drive right past my house because I am distracted, worried or crying.

I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like eating. I can’t stand being alone but I don’t want to be around people. I just want to be in the presence of my family and a few close friends.
I want people to ask me how Danny is doing, but I don’t always know how to answer.

And it’s selfish, but I want someone to ask me how I’m doing. Then, I’m afraid my answer will unleash an unstoppable wave of grief that will alienate their concern.

I am glad when my work week is done because it’s hard to go through the motions. Then the weekend arrives and I am unable to approach it with my usual joy and abandon. Nothing is fun anymore.

I desperately want to turn back time before Jan. 3, or play it forward a couple of years because I absolutely hate this place we are in right now.

To my family: I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Our family is the bomb!

We need each other right now – you are absolutely everything to me.

And in turn, Danny, Conor, Ellie, David, Michelle and Joe – we want to be everything to you. Just let us know how….

We have been there from the beginning and we’re in it for the duration.

With love,

Words. Kit Wiebe

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

to conor and michelle,

i don’t know either of you, and i do not know danny, but i have been reading your blog based on a friend’s facebook post to the link. i cannot tell you how unbelievably impressed i am with your ability to reflect, share, and encourage others. you two seem simply amazing, and you are the most important thing for danny right now. he seems like he is a wonderful person based on what everyone has written, and he is definitely in my thoughts and will be.

i just saw the link this morning, and i actually was almost late to class because i couldn’t stop reading it. i just started nursing school this semester, but i graduated from the university of vermont in 2009, so i have a passion for skiiers and riders, as well as helmet safety! it sucks so much to have this happen, but i think it’s great that everyone will take away the lesson of how important it is to wear a helmut (plus, they are super warm!)

i have worked in a hospital for a few years, and i spent a lot of time in the ICU with patients, so i can picture exactly where you are and what tubes are being pulled when you describe it. it’s interesting (i won’t say fun) to read the medical aspect of your blog, but i also am truly amazed by your compassion, strength, patience, and honesty. you two (and i’m sure danny’s parents and friends/family) are going to pull him through this one day at a time for a long time. the fact that you both are so involved in really remarkable, and i know danny knows how important that is.

also, michelle, way to go on getting to cuddle with him! that is such an important thing for him, but really for you. i can’t imagine how you and conor are feeling, but i’m glad you guys have each other. and of course the nurses! the graveyard shift was the one i worked, and it is a really special one. my votes: nurse, and the one in blue scrubs on the left (haha).

you guys don’t need to post this on the site, but i wanted to let you know that i’m proud to “know” you all, and i’m so grateful to read your blog to put things into perspective, help raise awareness, learn some new things, and to keep up with danny’s progress. just know that a student at duke nursing school who loves to ski (sorry) with a helmet on (!!!) is thinking about all of you and your journey in montana. you two are really incredible, and i just hope that every patient i take care of has a support system like danny has. if you ever end up at duke, post it, and i’ll say hi!

take care, good luck, and do make sure to take time for yourselves 🙂 and get shredder danny!
michelle and conor are the bomb, also – just remember that!

thanks for taking the time to read, and i look forward to reading more about danny’s awesome progress. hang in there.

Words. Sarah Keyser

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

I’ve been following the website closely, trying to keep up to date on Danny’s progress. I have enjoyed reading the stories of memories in highschool which seems so so long ago to me. Though our paths have not crossed in probably 8 years I can vividly remember some qualities of Danny I know will get him through much of his recovery.

I can remember the first time I went to Danny’s house way back when…. he gave the grand tour including his room, along with “the room where he kept his clothes”. I kid you not, Danny’s closet was more organized than any of my girl friends’ closets. I believe I stared blankly at the color coordination of his t-shirts and jean washes for what seemed 2 minutes and then looked over at him, most likely with an eyebrow raised. I cannot remember exactly what I said to tease him about all of this, but most likely the rebuttle was humerous and in the defense of liking to be neat. So I would imagine that along the road of recovery, Danny’s need to be “just so” will play out well for him 🙂

I also remember Danny’s first car that he shared with Conor (the best car ever- jeep cherokee sport!) Though it was my perfect car, Danny was determined from day one of having his license to own a 2 door chevy blazer. It’s all he ever talked about if cars came into the conversation. I could never understand the desire to own a 2 door SUV, but Danny would explain that the 2 door looked “sweeter” than the 4 door (I do have to agree on that one). And whadda-ya-know. He got his wish. And it was a sweet 2 door blazer with the “DCT” plate. Keep working hard Danny! It will all fall into place.

I also have to thank Danny for teaching me some very important worldly information. Along with the 2 door blazer discussions, the topic of “rims” came up. Clearly, being an 18 year old girl from central NH, I had no idea what the difference was between hubcaps and rims. Danny just WOULD NOT have that. I believe that my thought was if the tires looked dingy and cheap, they were hubcaps and if they were shiny and fancy they were rims. Danny quickly taught me that yes in deed walmart can sell faux chrome hubcap spinners and to NEVER EVER confuse them with true rims. HAHA! I still laugh to this day if I see cheap chrome spinners.

So Danny, you have taught me so much thus far! I have no doubt that you will continue to teach all of us around you, all the while making us laugh as you do so well. Be well!!

Words. Julie Hamlin

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

Love you, Conor–here is stuff for words. Love, love, love what you have been doing and I am just sorry you are doing it. Here goes:

I realized I was harboring for far too long this Wizard of Oz fantasy of Danny’s recovery from his injury. You know, Danny would wake up and be surrounded by the loyal cast of characters and he would recount the whacky dream he had. Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow—you’d all be there! (And no, I had not done any casting in this realm!) I just kept replaying the last five minutes of that movie in my head.

I love the dispatches of hope & progress, but know that the Wizard of Oz moment will not happen in that way. Danny will, however, be surrounded by a very fine cast – those who have been in Montana and this extended community.

This morning I was listening to the new CD from The Decemberists, and the first track resonated with Danny’s—and our— new challenge. Here’s an excerpt:

Here we come to a turning of the season
Witness to the arc towards the sun
A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason
Becomes a burden borne of all and one

And nobody knows, nobody knows
Let the yoke fall from our shoulders
Don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all
We are all our hands and holders
Beneath this bold and brilliant sun

Love & hugs,


Words. Joe Commendatore

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

A note to Danny ,

Danny, I am so happy to hear that you are getting better every day. Your brother, Michelle, your friends, and your family have stepped up in a huge way. They have rallied the troops man. Working hard to keep everyone informed of your every step toward victory. Today I read Michelle post about your physical therapy session and was excited to learn that you were able to write, identify colors, and raise your arms, this is all sooo HUGE bro. I am proud of you and know you are fighting the hardest fight of your life right now. Keep your chin up and know people are praying for you and sending you all their love. You got a great family, awesome friends and a stud for a brother. Get well soon D.

For all those out there reading I first met Danny this past Summer in Lake Tahoe. It was just about 5:00am when Mike Wilson and dropped my boat in Lake Tahoe. It was too cold for us to get the Hula Networks sticker that Danny made to actually stick on my boat so we had to wait until the temp rose.

Once in the water Mike and I headed to meet the Shreddy Times crew onsite. I remember the cold air and looking at Mike saying “dude it’s pretty cold out” he responded with “yeah I’m not excited to go in the water at 5am”.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to DL Bliss. The sun was just starting to raising as we pulled up and Conor greeted us with a loud shout from the cliffs “what’s up guys”. I looked up at and saw Conor, Will, Porter, and Danny all hanging from the rocks. They all had HUGE Smiles and stood in picture perfect position to insure they got the perfect shot of our arrival. Camera in hand with a huge smile on his face Danny greeted Mike and I saying “what’s up guys.. You ready Mike?” Mike responded with a simply “yeah I’m ready, just not to excited about getting in the water this early in the morning but I’m ready” Danny just laughed and said hey Joe can I climb onboard ? I responded with “yea for sure”

While Mike climbed the cliffs and made sure all was ready with the swing Danny and I practiced going back and forth to get our timing right for the shot. Immediately we got to talking and swapping stories about where we were from and so on. We were having fun both super pumped for what was about to go down. I liked Danny right from the start and loved his entrepreneur spirit. Both he and his brother ooze a creative talent and a true entrepreneur spirit that is truly special. That day I learned that Danny was polite, humble, and helpful.

For the next hour Danny and I worked hard to get the moving shots from the water as Conor and the Shreddy crew billy goated the cliffs to capture the perfect shot of Mike hucking himself into history. It was epic, and definitely goes down as one of my favorite days ever.

Thanks Danny for being part of it and I can’t wait until you are back on your feet

Get well Brother

Joe and the Hula Networks Crew

At a Loss for Words. I wrote a Song – Will Porter

January 20th, 2011 by Conor

I have wanted to write something here for sometime now, but I honestly haven’t found the words to say. Last night I recorded a song on a whim while thinking of Danny. I wasn’t sure if this was something that was appropriate to submit or even something that I wanted other people to hear, but after consideration, I felt that this was the most honesty I could bring to the table. I have only known Danny for about a year, but as everyone is well aware of, that is more than enough time to appreciate the amazing human being which he is. I can’t wait for the day that we are all hanging out in Tahoe again, but until then I will be appreciating every day I am given and sending as much love to Danny and those close to him as I know how.
CLICK HERE to listen to the “DCT” Jam!

If you want to download this song head over to Will’s Bandcamp page… Will Porter

Words. Ellen Terie

January 20th, 2011 by Conor

I’m one of those folk who has indeed been, “affected and touched” not only by Danny, but Conor as well. I admit to selfishly reading the entries on a daily basis as it helps me feel connected to what’s going on across the country. But as Conor wrote on the Home page, “it’s selfish just to read on this site”, so it’s my turn to throw my hat in the ring and add at least two cents worth of rhetoric.

First a few descriptors about Conor… strong, true, loyal, creative, an incredible editor of video clips, funny- did I already say strong and loyal? Well, take that to the nth power (whatever that may be). This site, along with Danny, is truly, “THE BOMB”! Thank you Conor!

Yes indeed, it was Thanksgiving of 2005 as Elisabeth wrote (see entry on January 8th), that Danny and Conor entered my life. I however, did not experience any trepidation about meeting them; I just made the (positive) assumption that they both would be very cool. I suspect however that David (aka Potterman) might have had some concerns; after all he had already met and interacted with my “spawn”, and knew what they were all about. The fact that David didn’t leave here twitching after his first dinner here with Seth and myself during the summer of 2005, is a testament to his stamina and resilience, and yes, for those of you who have read Elisabeth’s entry, her description of Thanksgiving dinner, as with most family dinners here was/is more than accurate. Dinners here are replete with all sorts of conversation, the content of which, most of it anyway, can be termed ‘politically incorrect’. The positive reframe is that these dinners are also incredibly funny, and the food is usually extraordinary as well. As far as the post-dinner game of, “Asshole”, in recent years that’s been replaced with “Apples To Apples”- no hairy, nasty dog biscuits involved- just loss of ‘face’. i don’t know which is worse.

Back to Danny..if it wasn’t for Danny, I wouldn’t be part of 21st century technology. Despite the fact that David and I had long gone our separate ways, Danny stopped by one day to say hello, took one look at my new laptop and decided that I should be on facebook. Now, for any of you reading this that know me, you are aware that I’m still working on the on/off switch, (I still don’t have a cell phone) therefore the prospect of participating on facebook was daunting to me. Danny took charge, set me up, also showed me how to negotiate photo-booth, and itunes, and voila, here I am. I will be ever grateful to you Danny for that.

Over many other Thanksgivings, as well as a few birthday dinners (in March and May- Conor and Danny respectively) and other various and sundry events, I have indelible images of both Danny and Conor; Danny sitting on the couch, crochet hook in hand, whipping up chapeau creations worthy of a runway, Conor sitting on the couch, laptop on lap (where else?), wheezing away from Freddy (the very overweight house cat) wanting to cuddle up to him, Danny laughing at…well, that’s a story that might be too politically incorrect to write about, so I won’t. Say “thank you” Conor.

Watching Danny competing on the slopes at Killington was also a joy, especially watching him count all his well deserved prize money.
And of course following the Shreddytimes youtubes was (still is) exhilarating for me. Watching Danny ‘do his thing’, being adeptly filmed by Conor, made every move Danny made look so easy. His passion is palpable in all the videos.

Some Danny descriptors…STRONG, true, loyal, creative (hmmm- sound familiar?), an incredibly talented, fluid, determined, proud athlete. And let’s not forget ‘cute’! Uh, I guess ‘hot’ fits as well.

To rephrase one of my sayings, “the bad news is the good news”; Danny is aware of what’s going on, perhaps not fully yet, but his reactions of sadness, frustration, confusion are all appropriate. Danny is a fighter; he will be victorious.

Love to you Danny.

Ellen Terie

Words. Silver Serino

January 19th, 2011 by Conor


Im pretty sure it was winter 08′-09′, or maybe 07’…Too many years in california will take its toll on your memory. Anyways, one of those winters was the first time i met up with Daniel son and his brother Conor.

So i had been down in mammoth shredding with a bunch of dudes from Burton, Anon, Analog, and some SoCal shop guys. I had just met Sisky who at the time was working for anon optics doing marketing out of Irvine. If you know Sisky you know he’s so stoked on life and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We rode all weekend and chatted, i explained how mammoths ok, but tahoe’s wheres its at and that i lived there. He got more stoked because he was gonna be in Northlake Tahoe that week for some demos and he now had a guide, me. Sisky then kept bringing up over the weekend how i HAD to link up with this kid who just moved to Tahoe and kills it, i just HAD to link up with him he kept saying and saying. Being i just met Sisky and already could tell he wouldn’t set me up with some boring doosh i said i would make the effort to meet up and shred with this “kid”. Now for some reason i had it in my mind that i was gonna take some grom ripper for some park runs and show him a few things. I don’t think i’ve ever told Danny this, but before i met him and the plan to shred with him, was in my mind to be with some lil 10 year old hahahhaha….

So i was asked to meet back up with all the Burton dudes at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe for a demo and shred it up and stoke people out. The plan was to meet this “kid” Sisky had been ranting about. To my surprise this kid was an adult, slayed the park, had his own videographer(his bro),was super motivated, and to this day, Danny Toumarkine is one of my best friends. That very first day we meshed really well. I had just gotten the first generation of gopro’s and was amping on it, and Danny and his brother had a cam and were allllll about filming everything to start their new webisode venture, Shreddy Times. Perfect, you’re down to film, I’m down to film, lets do the damn thing. Since that first day we’ve filmed a bunchhhhh of viral online videos, have traveled together, done photo shoots together and have become really good friends. I love the “kid”.

The snowboard world is crazy, you know so many people and ride with tons of different people with different riding styles. Some people just kind of fade and you run into them time to time but you’re just not on the same page anymore. Danny’s all over the place, as am i, but i know that if i havent seen Danny for a while and were able to link up i can go lap the park at northstar, or call him up cause i have a feature we should go hit in the street and hes down. Were on the same page, mostly ,haha. I see so much laziness in the world, and im guilty for sure. People talk a lot about doing this and that blah blah blah, yea right sure you are homie. But Danny’s always stood out for the reason that he comes through with his shit, bottom line. He said he was going to the Cholula triple air a few years ago to win it, and he did. The effort he’s put into Shreddy Times has clearly paid off and blew up more than any of us expected. He started his own facemask company, Tubular…Thats what i’m talking about, Danny doesn’t just talk bullshit, he makes it happen….

Stoked on you homie, i dont think i need to say anything about how fucked what happened is. I just wanna say i’m lucky to have Danny as a friend and I know he will make it through this and come out stronger and more focused on his ventures once this dark time is finally over. Wish i wasn’t so broke and far away from you right now dawg, i wanna be there for you so bad. You’re always in my thoughts Danny, and everyone is sending their positive thoughts towards you, love ya dawg. SHRED 4 DANNY T.


I put this in because I think this is an awesome edit that Silver and Danny filmed on Danny’s birthday last year (May 7th) Although it ends kinda rough you can get an idea of how much fun they have riding together.


Words. Kristen Noyes

January 19th, 2011 by Conor


I first met Danny at a wedding we both attended for Tim and Missy McClare – on lucky 7.7.07. The ceremony took place outside at the fields of Attitash; a beautiful mountainous setting. As my luck would have it I was fortunate enough to sit next to Danny.

While I didn’t know Danny that well in school (I’m slightly older) he ran in the same pack as my brother, Justin Umlah.

It’s bizarre that I can recall the smallest of details from that wedding – ranging from where I sat, who I sat next to, what he was wearing and how he presented himself; when oddly enough I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night. No, really … .what did I eat for dinner last night? All that being said I would have to attribute my ability to recall to Danny and his contagious outgoing “glass is overflowing” personality; not to mention his style and swagger 🙂 At the risk of sounding like a crazy woman I would like to describe my first impression of Danny – a go getter from the Mount Washington Valley.

I located an empty seat at the ceremony and asked if it was taken (Danny was sitting next to the empty seat). Danny stood up and shook my hand – I remember he shook it like a gentleman – first realization that I was dealing with someone who had game 🙂 After a mini introduction I sat down next to Danny. I recall a very handsome man with brown curly hair – styled just so for the dance party to take place later. I remember his cuff links, which caught me by surprise – cuff links – as if my brother would wear those I thought….this kid has style! Danny wore his loafers with bare feet, perfectly pressed pants and dress shirt – weird that I can recall all of this – and the most noteworthy of all I remember his killer brown eyes. We carried on a delightful conversation in which he told me about his clothing company Fligi – he truly is a Fly Guy – and then we watched the ceremony.

While a brief encounter at best, Danny left an impression. I’ve been an active reader on www.dannyisthebomb.com and have learned how many lives DCT has touched. A true gentleman with unconditional grace.

As many of you know first hand, the Mount Washington Valley is an extraordinary place to grow up; the close knit community truly bonds together during times of happiness and heartache (not to mention everything in between). I’m thankful to this community and proud to say I know Danny because of it. I will continue to pray for his speedy recovery.

Danny, you have a whole community rooting for you…I read the updates on your site each morning and have learned that you have an entire empire cheering you on from near and afar. I’ve never used the word “shredder” (other than playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my brother) before learning of your accident and it’s now become second nature….GET SHREDDER DCT. As my brother would say, “you got this”

My Best,

Kristen U. Noyes

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