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January 21st, 2011 by Conor

I’ve been following the website closely, trying to keep up to date on Danny’s progress. I have enjoyed reading the stories of memories in highschool which seems so so long ago to me. Though our paths have not crossed in probably 8 years I can vividly remember some qualities of Danny I know will get him through much of his recovery.

I can remember the first time I went to Danny’s house way back when…. he gave the grand tour including his room, along with “the room where he kept his clothes”. I kid you not, Danny’s closet was more organized than any of my girl friends’ closets. I believe I stared blankly at the color coordination of his t-shirts and jean washes for what seemed 2 minutes and then looked over at him, most likely with an eyebrow raised. I cannot remember exactly what I said to tease him about all of this, but most likely the rebuttle was humerous and in the defense of liking to be neat. So I would imagine that along the road of recovery, Danny’s need to be “just so” will play out well for him 🙂

I also remember Danny’s first car that he shared with Conor (the best car ever- jeep cherokee sport!) Though it was my perfect car, Danny was determined from day one of having his license to own a 2 door chevy blazer. It’s all he ever talked about if cars came into the conversation. I could never understand the desire to own a 2 door SUV, but Danny would explain that the 2 door looked “sweeter” than the 4 door (I do have to agree on that one). And whadda-ya-know. He got his wish. And it was a sweet 2 door blazer with the “DCT” plate. Keep working hard Danny! It will all fall into place.

I also have to thank Danny for teaching me some very important worldly information. Along with the 2 door blazer discussions, the topic of “rims” came up. Clearly, being an 18 year old girl from central NH, I had no idea what the difference was between hubcaps and rims. Danny just WOULD NOT have that. I believe that my thought was if the tires looked dingy and cheap, they were hubcaps and if they were shiny and fancy they were rims. Danny quickly taught me that yes in deed walmart can sell faux chrome hubcap spinners and to NEVER EVER confuse them with true rims. HAHA! I still laugh to this day if I see cheap chrome spinners.

So Danny, you have taught me so much thus far! I have no doubt that you will continue to teach all of us around you, all the while making us laugh as you do so well. Be well!!

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