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January 21st, 2011 by Conor

A note to Danny ,

Danny, I am so happy to hear that you are getting better every day. Your brother, Michelle, your friends, and your family have stepped up in a huge way. They have rallied the troops man. Working hard to keep everyone informed of your every step toward victory. Today I read Michelle post about your physical therapy session and was excited to learn that you were able to write, identify colors, and raise your arms, this is all sooo HUGE bro. I am proud of you and know you are fighting the hardest fight of your life right now. Keep your chin up and know people are praying for you and sending you all their love. You got a great family, awesome friends and a stud for a brother. Get well soon D.

For all those out there reading I first met Danny this past Summer in Lake Tahoe. It was just about 5:00am when Mike Wilson and dropped my boat in Lake Tahoe. It was too cold for us to get the Hula Networks sticker that Danny made to actually stick on my boat so we had to wait until the temp rose.

Once in the water Mike and I headed to meet the Shreddy Times crew onsite. I remember the cold air and looking at Mike saying “dude it’s pretty cold out” he responded with “yeah I’m not excited to go in the water at 5am”.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to DL Bliss. The sun was just starting to raising as we pulled up and Conor greeted us with a loud shout from the cliffs “what’s up guys”. I looked up at and saw Conor, Will, Porter, and Danny all hanging from the rocks. They all had HUGE Smiles and stood in picture perfect position to insure they got the perfect shot of our arrival. Camera in hand with a huge smile on his face Danny greeted Mike and I saying “what’s up guys.. You ready Mike?” Mike responded with a simply “yeah I’m ready, just not to excited about getting in the water this early in the morning but I’m ready” Danny just laughed and said hey Joe can I climb onboard ? I responded with “yea for sure”

While Mike climbed the cliffs and made sure all was ready with the swing Danny and I practiced going back and forth to get our timing right for the shot. Immediately we got to talking and swapping stories about where we were from and so on. We were having fun both super pumped for what was about to go down. I liked Danny right from the start and loved his entrepreneur spirit. Both he and his brother ooze a creative talent and a true entrepreneur spirit that is truly special. That day I learned that Danny was polite, humble, and helpful.

For the next hour Danny and I worked hard to get the moving shots from the water as Conor and the Shreddy crew billy goated the cliffs to capture the perfect shot of Mike hucking himself into history. It was epic, and definitely goes down as one of my favorite days ever.

Thanks Danny for being part of it and I can’t wait until you are back on your feet

Get well Brother

Joe and the Hula Networks Crew

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