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January 21st, 2011 by Conor

to conor and michelle,

i don’t know either of you, and i do not know danny, but i have been reading your blog based on a friend’s facebook post to the link. i cannot tell you how unbelievably impressed i am with your ability to reflect, share, and encourage others. you two seem simply amazing, and you are the most important thing for danny right now. he seems like he is a wonderful person based on what everyone has written, and he is definitely in my thoughts and will be.

i just saw the link this morning, and i actually was almost late to class because i couldn’t stop reading it. i just started nursing school this semester, but i graduated from the university of vermont in 2009, so i have a passion for skiiers and riders, as well as helmet safety! it sucks so much to have this happen, but i think it’s great that everyone will take away the lesson of how important it is to wear a helmut (plus, they are super warm!)

i have worked in a hospital for a few years, and i spent a lot of time in the ICU with patients, so i can picture exactly where you are and what tubes are being pulled when you describe it. it’s interesting (i won’t say fun) to read the medical aspect of your blog, but i also am truly amazed by your compassion, strength, patience, and honesty. you two (and i’m sure danny’s parents and friends/family) are going to pull him through this one day at a time for a long time. the fact that you both are so involved in really remarkable, and i know danny knows how important that is.

also, michelle, way to go on getting to cuddle with him! that is such an important thing for him, but really for you. i can’t imagine how you and conor are feeling, but i’m glad you guys have each other. and of course the nurses! the graveyard shift was the one i worked, and it is a really special one. my votes: nurse, and the one in blue scrubs on the left (haha).

you guys don’t need to post this on the site, but i wanted to let you know that i’m proud to “know” you all, and i’m so grateful to read your blog to put things into perspective, help raise awareness, learn some new things, and to keep up with danny’s progress. just know that a student at duke nursing school who loves to ski (sorry) with a helmet on (!!!) is thinking about all of you and your journey in montana. you two are really incredible, and i just hope that every patient i take care of has a support system like danny has. if you ever end up at duke, post it, and i’ll say hi!

take care, good luck, and do make sure to take time for yourselves 🙂 and get shredder danny!
michelle and conor are the bomb, also – just remember that!

thanks for taking the time to read, and i look forward to reading more about danny’s awesome progress. hang in there.

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