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January 22nd, 2011 by Conor

dear conor, michelle, sock monkey, moose, random “guy”:

I found out early about danny’s accident and injury, just a couple days after it happened. in fact, i sent a “get shredder danny” photo from my hotel at killington and had a short text conversation with conor, who was very stoked that although i didn’t know danny, i was reaching out to him and wishing him back onto his feet. i’ve been hurt, most snowboarders have – of course, i’ve never been where danny is and can’t speak about it – but it always bums me out when a great rider (and danny obviously is, i mean, if people haven’t seen his vids they’re missing out) goes down to injury.

the major difference here is that you, conor, and michelle, and everyone else there are doing so much for danny, so many people watch DITB every day just to check on danny. i’ve checked in almost every day since i discovered the site, and almost every day there is something else that warms my heart. it is so wonderful to hear that danny is still danny! that he can communicate, cuddle, poot, and generally be himself as best as he can. i have such a strong feeling that danny will be back to himself soon, and that then you can all take your lives off of the “hold button” and get out of that hospital and whatnot. i can’t wait for the day the updates tell us that danny has been outside, that he’s felt the sun and wind on his face. for me, those simple two things mean the world. and i’m sure that as important as it is for danny to recuperate, to get well, and get put back together, how hard must it be to lay there, surrounded by machines and tubes, when you’re a free spirit, when you belong on a snowboard.

it has to be just as frustrating if not more so for you guys up there. for you guys that know him personally, for you that know more than just the website and the multi-flip clips, it has to be terrifying, amazing, just wild to be there and see this happen. it’s truly astonishing to watch it happen from north carolina; i can’t imagine how wonderful it must have felt to be able to communicate with someone you love so much.

conor, your tireless efforts with this site are worthy of a nobel prize. when danny is back completely, and he sees all that all of you have done for him….that will be a powerful, powerful day. and it will be emotional for all of us too…every one of us wants danny to get up and get better. every single one. and im sure danny wants that too! 😀

the day he walks out of that hospital will be one of the greatest days of all of your lives. it will also be one of the happiest moments of this season for me. i am pulling for all of you, from deep down in the bottom of my heart. it’s a terrible situation, an awful injury to an amazing fellow. that all of the snowboarding world is pulling for danny i hope makes you smile.

cheers, and all the best to everyone, including the snowboarding moose and the sock monkey. with all of the awful things going on in the world these days, it’s truly wonderful to have something happening that makes me smile every day. thank you all, so very much.

GET SHREDDER DANNY! said it once and i’ll say it again!!!!

much love.

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