20 Foot Slack Line 14 weeks after TBI

April 20th, 2011 by Conor

I was hanging out around the dining room table a little earlier this evening when along came a video from Danny. I didn’t really know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to watch things develop. At first I could see was a a thumbs up followed by some manpris darting off to the background. I recognized the birch tree on the left part of the screen as a tree from the house we grew up in back home in New Hampshire. I know from my last time home that there is still a slack line set up that has been there for a long time now. Danny was about to attempt a slackline that I wouldn’t even want to be in period. I was a little nervous when I watched him hop on. Much to my surprise, that was the only time for the remainder of the video that he would look even remotely off balance.

For those of you that don’t know a slack line is a basically a 1 inch wide nylon tight rope- It’s not easy to walk on. I can’t even understand why someone would want to walk on one in the first place. I have never had amazing balance and therefore a reason to want to challenge myself to the degree of slack lining. Danny has amazing balance; hence his successful career snowboarding and desire to walk on a slack line for fun. Needless to say Danny crushed it.

A little while ago I talked with him on the phone and he told me that this was his 2nd attempt on the slack line since his injury. The first one was successful and took place just before he recorded this clip. This was his first attempt with the camera recording him.

Sorry for the poor quality but it’s just a video that Danny sent to me.

Awesome work DCT! Great to have you back!


Turn the Page

February 8th, 2011 by Conor

About a week into our time spent at the hospital a lady approached me while I was, you guessed, working on my computer. I don’t remember her name or her story but I recognized her as a regular- people on the ICU floor become familiar quickly. Our conversation wasn’t all that long or memorable about anything in particular, but one part of it stuck out. I had just gotten through an explaining our situation with Danny and that we had already been there a whole week- a week that felt a lot more like a year or two. When I asked her how long she had been there she said a month. I couldn’t even fathom how someone could possibly be mentally stable and still coming up to the ICU floor for a month! The conversation fizzled out and she headed off somewhere. I struggled to get back to work as I tried to wrap my head around two main feelings.

1) How could Danny and all of our friends and family last a month feeling the roller coaster of emotions that we had felt that week?
2) I was about to find out, because this process wasn’t going to be quick and there was no way Danny was going to give up his fight.

Sure enough, Danny made it. I made it. Our family made it. All of our friends made it. People from all over the world-many of which we have never met, they all made it too. And what a journey it was. I can hardly believe that I am about to leave Great Falls, Montana. By tomorrow evening my Mom, Dad and Danny will all be back in New Hampshire, and Michelle and I will be far away from Montana but not quite close enough to California. We will all be very very happy to be out of here.

As I sit here typing my final post from Montana I can’t believe that time passed so quickly. The minutes turned to hours, the hours to days, the days to weeks and sure enough, the weeks into a month. Looking back on my conversation with the lady I find it hard to believe that I actually made it one month.

As of today 22,294 different people were touched at some point or another by Danny’s story just on this website alone. When I first created the site I did so because of the overwhelming support that I was getting on the phone. So much in fact that I really couldn’t deal with it all. As much as I wanted to speak to each and every one of you it just wasn’t really physically possible. When I first posted about the event online my voicemail filled to capacity in an hour. Everyone that I did talk to wanted to be updated. I had to kindly tell them that I would do my best but that it was going to be nearly impossible. How could I keep everyone in the loop? One that was fair to everyone and exclusive to no one. There it was, Danny Is The Bomb. I sure am happy that I did it too because looking at the numbers It wouldn’t have been possible to continue on my phone attempt. If I had spent as much time on the phone as people have spent on this website I would literally have to have been on my phone for 211 days around the clock. It blows my mind how many people came to this website. It truly does.

This website has been wonderfully therapeutic to me throughout the whole process. Although I rarely, if ever, responded to comments people posted or the submissions to the website, I can assure people that I read every single word that is on this site. Every word on here helped me get through this process and without you all this nightmare would have been way worse. So, Thank You, to each and every single one of you that stepped up and contributed to making this site work.

Don’t worry, the site is being shut down, or discontinued but for me, a large chapter in this book will close when I hit the road tomorrow. I won’t see Danny and my Mom or Dad for a few weeks and it sure is going to be hard to write about Danny the way that we have been simply based on phone calls. That’s not to say I wont chime in with some thoughts here or there, but my involvement in the day to day knowings of Danny is going to change significantly tomorrow.

I will be there for Danny in a few short weeks and in the meantime my parents will be by his side. I certainly encourage everyone around North Conway, New Hampshire, to visit Danny whenever he is up for the company. It is your turn to finally get to spend some time with him. You have all been there through this whole process step by step and Danny needs you all now more than ever. If you don’t feel it’s appropriate to visit then bring him by some nice meal or some candy (he had been feening candy lately).

Thank you EVERYONE. We all worked together to support each other through this process. It was the longest month of my life but looking back it still somehow passed pretty quickly. I look forward to giving each and everyone of you an EPIC hug at some point whenever I see you in person. It sure is going to be nice to start to see you all in person again. Until then, I am off on the next journey. I have to imagine that there are some good ones coming up because after making it through this just about anything else is going to feel like a total blast.

I love you all for stepping up and making this happen. People sure can be awesome. You all just proved that. Danny just proved that.

Good night from Great Falls. Good luck on your adventure Danny. You got this.


Adventures with Danny

February 2nd, 2011 by Conor

Another day down, another day closer to heading home. It looks like they are going to take the drain out and then wait until Danny’s pain becomes manageable before they get him out of here. That might anytime within the next 4-8 days. It really just depends on how his pain is.

The major issue right now is the headaches that Danny is experiencing. Luckily, I never get headaches, so I can’t really relate to the pain that Danny is feeling. I hate headaches, and I know before this experience Danny had never really had many major headaches either. He is lucky that it is the only problem that he is really having to deal with at this point, but I don’t really know if Danny fully gets that yet. He hasn’t really seemed to grasp how big and potentially detrimental this could have been.

It might be awhile until he fully grasps what happened. Every time someones name comes into the picture of the recovery process he wonders “how does so-and-so know this happened?” I have to explain that there is a whole website and that there are people around the world that we don’t even know that know this happened. Danny you didn’t break a bone in your hand. You didn’t snap your wrist. You were critically injured and had 3 life threatening surgeries on your brain. Numbers were discussed with regards to your chances of survival. This was and is H U G E. This will likely in some way or another change the rest of your life- shoot I know it already has for me.

Although if anything we are on the good side of what could have been really bad its still hard to believe that things are so good. I hope that there are no major complications down the line with all this because it almost doesn’t seem possible that things are going so smoothly. I know that Michelle and I have both had multiple surgeries on one of our knees. Both of still experience some major creekyness in our knees as if they could use some oil and some reworking. At the moment, I am glad that it is my knee that has the complications. I can’t imagine how a brain works that needs oil. To Michelle and I our limitations are physical and are exposed when we try to stand up quickly or go for a jog. To Danny, his limitations might not be evident until a long time from now when he tries to do something like math or when he straps on his snowboard. Almost ANYTHING could be effected from a brain injury since it serves as such a hub for the whole body. I continue to cross my fingers everyday that he will continue to heal back to 100%. Because neither of us have experienced 4 surgeries on one of our knees. Danny has done that to his brain.

It might be a few weeks or months until he is really able to grasp the whole situation. It has to be hard trying to make sense of the whole thing when all you can think about is that that you have horrible headaches and want to get out of this hospital. I know that YOU, me, and everyone else out there have had four and a half weeks to process and try to make sense of this event. Soon it will hit Danny exactly how huge this all was. If not, good for him for not letting him skip a beat. But I sure as heck hope he grasps what this incident did to the rest of us. This has been the slowest, hardest month of my life.

Until tomorrow.


I Wonder What the Next Adventure Will Be?

February 1st, 2011 by Conor

Everything finally caught up to me. This process is truly exhausting physically and mentally. I have been sleeping more and more lately. Last night, I got a monumental 17 hours of sleep- I guess you can only run on E for so long, and it all came crashing down over the last 36 hours. I don’t think I have ever slept that much in my whole life.

In the past month I have posted about Danny over and over again. Our whole family has been to hell and back in that time. We have been waiting and crossing our fingers for the time when Danny would wake up and we would be able to get excited about having him back in our lives. I have suggested to people to make sure to bring Danny up and that now is when he will need us the most. All of that is well and good. But I forgot one thing. And it’s something I should not have forgotten. It’s funny because there must have been 100 people, hell maybe even 200 that said “make sure you get some sleep” or “take care of yourself.”

And I have – for the most part. But as all of you that suggested that type of thing probably knew. It’s hard to do. The only place I have wanted to be for the last month is wherever Danny is. I didn’t want to be getting sleep at the hotel room. It wasn’t where my heart was. Well, now that things are looking up I am catching up on some much needed R & R time I have begun to understand what you all were warning me about. The crash. You become useless and frustrated when you are that exhausted.

It’s funny because for people that know me well at this point in my life they know that one of the only things I don’t do a lot of is sleep. I enjoy being alive far too much to waste it on sleeping. I guess I just don’t see the point really. I know that sleeping is a recharge but I also feel like it is an escape from reality. Most of the time I am far too excited by being alive and can’t even imagine what I would miss if I were to sleep.

My biggest problem is that often times I don’t listen to my body enough. I don’t force myself to sleep and relax and think about what has happened. It’s the part about thinking about what has happened that is finally catching up to me.

The part that is getting difficult for me is that I have just begun to realize how much this is going to change Danny’s life AND mine. Danny and I do all kinds of stuff together and that includes work and play. This instance is going to greatly effect my life in a lot more ways than the last month that I have lost at his bedside. It has been hard to think about work or the future at a time like this, but it finally feels fair to consider these ideas and how they play into MY life. It seems hard to imagine them without Danny as a key role in either of them. Danny has been the star of all snowboarding edits and was going to be of the snowboarding movie we were making this year. I find it hard to push through and imagine doing the project without him. Sure, I could do it anyway and say that I am going to do it in his honor, but it doesn’t feel right. Danny and I started Shreddy Times together and it has always been about the adventures that we have had together on and off the slopes.

So earlier today, when I began to think about what’s next, I had a mixture of excitement and terror when I imagined that once again I have the whole world as an option. I can go anywhere and do anything. It’s crazy because this is the first time anything even close to this has ever happened to me. I need to come up with some career like decisions as a result of what happened to Danny. I’m not about to leave him high and dry by any means, but I have to find things that will work for me while he is going through the recovery process. When there is a point that we can resume working on things together or plan some sort of trip, I’m there, but in the meantime I have to think about what is going to work for me. It’s a strange feeling after all the time we have spent progressing things together. And I definitely look forward to the point that things can start proceeding forward once again.

It’s not like I hadn’t thought oh wow this is really going to change the winter, or damn I wonder what Ill be doing a year from now. But I hadn’t really thought much about how they were actually going to change. I am beginning to have these thoughts and am trying to make plans and act on them. I know that above all else I need to continue to be there for Danny but I especially need to detox from what I have just been through. So, I am going to spend the next day or two coming up with some possible ideas. I might even throw a poll up and see what people think. In the meantime I am off to bed imagining how fun it would be to get my dive master in the Caribbean. That sounds like a nice break from all this. Hope your head drains well tonight Danny. I think we are on the 10 day countdown. I sure hope that’s the case.

Love you all!

Keep On Keepin’ On

January 30th, 2011 by Conor

The emails aren’t coming in so regularly, the donations aren’t pouring in like they did. I knew this was going to happen. People have moved on. Totally understandable. As far as the world is concerned Danny is “better.” Yes, healing and on the road to recovery- still a long rocky road ahead re learning things like speaking and short term memory.

Just like I predicted, this is when Danny needs us the most. He found out yesterday that he probably won’t be snowboarding for at least a year. He also found out that his Subaru is totaled and that he had been moved out of his room in Tahoe. No big deal. I probably would be devastated to find out any other the things he has had to deal with let alone all of them them at one time.

Danny was definitely a little bummed out yesterday but he does seem to be dealing with it about as well as someone could expect. The one thing that he is holding onto at the moment is his sense of humor. He is in a pretty consistently good mood when he is awake. Its great to seem him look at himself in the mirror and point out that he looks like a “terrorist” or an “alien.” I have nicknamed him “Mac” due to the odd shape of his head due to the swelling. He smiled a pretty big smile when I came up with that name.

It’s been hard to write as much as normal because we want to be with Danny. He needs the company and love and support. He needs us to pick him up, take him for walks, get him excited for the future, and encourage him that even though it sucks, It’s not anywhere NEAR as bad as it could be.

Over the next could weeks we hope to get out of here. A lot is going to happen in that time. We will continue to track Danny’s progress and hope that at some point he might contribute.

When appropriate, we will begin to post some pictures of Danny. That’s it for now. Catch you all later on. Time to go hang out with Danny.


An Adventure of Laughing with Danny

January 27th, 2011 by Conor

I can’t even remember the last time I laughed as much as I did tonight. My eyes were filled from tears of laughter at several different times. Most of the jokes had to do with the logic test that Danny did 24 hours after his third surgery.

The therapist came into the room with her mask on as if Danny was a case from the movie Outbreak. Other than a couple of times that the dressings for Danny’s bandages had to be changed we hadn’t really seen this masked style treatment at all. I’m not sure what the reasoning was I just thought that it was kind of awkward. The awkwardness didn’t stop there… There Danny was seated upright with a huge white bandage wrapped around his head slowly rocking back and fourth in his chair with who knows what drugs running through his body. He somehow conveyed a look of equal parts wisdom and retardation. I have never seen it pulled off before.

Danny was then walked through a test of logic. He had to put the hands on a clock and draw in said time. He was also asked to complete a maze and some shape identification as well. I’m not sure if they had been doing these tests before Danny’s third surgery, but he sure would have smoked the test if he had done it beforehand. Just a day out of the surgery and on all kinds of pain meds Danny wasn’t looking quite as smooth. The situation was made worse by the room full of people, which he happily allowed to stay.

The test went, well, it went. Two highlights for me were the clock and the maze. Danny looked very confused with the clock scenario until he realized there was a clock in the room to look at. He made solid eye contact with the clock before he realized that he might jeopardize his cheating potential and quickly looked down again. A couple of seconds later he found a gap in the therapists attention and managed to peak up as if he was sneaking in the ultimate cheat move. “Danny it’s OK to look at the clock” the therapist chimed in after catching him in the act. Danny managed to look at the clock several times as he totally screwed up the replication on the paper in front of him. The hands of 1-6 appeared in the 1-3 area just to give you an idea. Another highlight was the maze. Danny didn’t do so hot on the maze. In fact, it took him about 10 minutes to do a maze that I’m pretty sure would take him 15 seconds to do tonight.

So here we are 2 days later and we were full of laughs imaging Danny on the hot seat taking this test- highlighted by his smooth criminal approach to cheating on the clock. It was great because Danny was already able to laugh at himself so much. I was so excited to see that he was laughing, and laughing a lot! It was a nice feeling, and a welcomed one at this point. It had been too long.

As far as I am concerned we already have a full recovery. We have Danny back. His haircut is a little funny. His right side is pretty swollen and there is hardware galore, but he is laughing and smiling more and more each day. Anything more than where we are at will be a bonus for all of us. I hope he can get back to whatever level of activity and performance he wants to get to. I’m just excited at the moment that he is mentally able to have hopes. What a relief. This have gone from bad to good in such a short amount of time. It really is hard to believe.

Danny’s Adventure… What if…?

January 25th, 2011 by Conor

We are all very comfortable with the idea that Danny is going to get through this. He will get out of this hospital. He will resume a normal life at some point in the future. Down the road he might even begin to remember what happened, although it is likely that he won’t.

The one part of this whole process that I have a hard time getting my head around is imagining that you woke up in absolute physical chaos. Why is there a tube going into my stomach and why won’t I be able to take it out for 4 more weeks. How come my skull looks like a set of railroad ties in the form of staples. Why have I been delt this hand? I would have happily folded this part of life if I had known it was coming.

No one knows why this happened to Danny or any of us for that matter. This might have physically happened to him but it happened to hundreds of people mentally. Everyone that has followed this story has had an understanding of what has happened, while it happened. Danny is the only one that has woken up and had to deal with this nightmare. On a daily basis I ask him how long he thinks he has been here. Guesses are just that. Guesses. Each time I tell him “nope try 22 days!” he looks very very surprised. Each time I know he wonders… What? How is that possible?

I can’t imagine having such a life changing moment that you have no knowledge of. Not a single person in the world will ever know what EXACTLY put Danny into this situation. Try to imagine another situation where that is possible. I sure as heck haven’t been able to figure one out. Sure people know how happy they were when they got engaged or had their first child. They know when their house burned down or when a loved one passed. But what if you had no memory of the worst thing that ever happened to you.


Adventures With Danny

January 24th, 2011 by Conor

Danny made it!

We are all so excited that the surgery went well. In fact, the surgeon said that he actually said he had fun doing the surgery! This is the kind of thing you want to hear from your surgeon. He is so confident in what he does and he enjoys it so much that he actually has fun doing it. His face was priceless when he came out of surgery for the post operative report. He just looked so sweet and sincere in the way that he delivered the news. He was excited with where Danny is in the recovery process and actually encourage us to celebrate this day.

I only saw Danny very briefly after surgery. He was in a TON of pain so I wasn’t about to stick around. I figured I could tick him off with just about anything I did so I thought it might be a little easier for him to deal with it by sleeping and hanging with mom and dad. I will be in much more tomorrow and the next day as he starts to come out of everything.

Very excited for even more arrivals. 5109 is about to become a party! Ian Mcleod, Chris Rogers, and Tito Gainza are making the 17 hour car ride to come up and see Danny and the rest of the gang. It’s going to be awesome to see them all. I haven’t seen Ian and Chris in a month and a half, and I haven’t seen Tito since the end of last winter. Danny is good friends with all these guys and between them and Tom he isn’t going to be able to resist a solid, steady smile. All four of these guys are here at such an awesome time in the recovery process.

My apologies for the quick entry, and I might try to write more later on, but with the doctors encouraging report from the operating room and the fact that we are finally through all the surgeries, I might have to just relax and enjoy the night catching up with great friends.

Also, we have officially been kicked off the graveyard shift. I couldn’t be happier, this just means that it is time for Danny to get all the rest he can at night so he can get back on his feet as quickly as possible. It’s going to be so great to have him back!

Hoping for amazing things to come!

Love ya Danny!

Adventures with Danny

January 24th, 2011 by Conor

My worst fears came to fruition earlier when my mom approach me in the lobby and told me that Teal was working again tonight. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There must be some other place in this hospital system that she could fit in. I resisted the temptation to go to HR and try to find a new job for her. I pictured her cleaning bathrooms, making photocopies, oh maybe even answering phones. Anywhere, but back in my life!

I’m not sure if it was just a mean joke on me, or if she got kicked out early again, but by the time I made it into the room Teal was not there. YES!!! There is at least an ICU god! Tonight we have “Jackson.” Jackson sets the standard for ICU babysitting. He pays attention to Danny and does his job well- the kind of guy you could imagine taking good care of your kids. I am happy that one of us is here though. There is a sort of creepiness to his demeanor which brought on his name. Jackson was named after pop sensation Michael Jackson (allegedpedophile- ). Jackson is the kind of guy that you sleep with one eye opened around. He looks eager to help Danny in any way he can.

All joking aside he is a nice enough guy who is just trying to do his job. At this point it’s just not as fun when Danny isn’t awake and I am trying to entertain myself.

It’s tough because Tom got here just a little while ago. We were all hanging out for a little bit and then Danny got really tired. All I wanna do is sit around and laugh and have a beer like we usually do. Danny and Tom and I ALWAYS have fun. It’s cool that he came out to be here for Danny and all of us, but it’s hard because it isn’t a usual session of chilling and laughing until we can’t breath. I’m sure those moments will happen plenty while he is here, it just different without Danny’s direct involvement.

Danny is right here in the mix though and has been smiling quite a bit since Tom showed up. He was very happy to see Tom. He raised both hands over his head as if he had just won some major snowboard competition. I think there might have been a fist pump in there too. He had a big smile on his face that was a mixture of elated and confused. It was awesome! Tom had barely even made it in the room before he began to strip down. I wasn’t sure if there was more to this friendship that I didn’t know about. Michelle looked confused but was hoping for the best. Tom wasted no time showing off his body. No, he wasn’t a recent P90X grad looking to show off his guns, he had sold messages on his body as a fundraiser for Danny.

It was awesome watching Dannys face as Tom led him on a grand tour around his tatood body. Jackson looked pretty happy in the corner when Tom pulled down his pants to show Danny one of his greatest pieces. Our friend Zac had drawn a bunny on Tom’s lower back that extended to the top of his butt. I later saw the pictures of how that picture had been created and I couldn’t help but think that Zac might be a great match for Jackson.

Danny started to get a little bit tired so Tom and I settled in on a game of Words and in between turns, I began to write. At some point in the silence Tom asked me why the room wasn’t decorated. I pointed him in the direction of some of the things that hadn’t made it on the wall yet. Within 5 minutes he had made quick work of the room. Danny watched in awe with a level of stoke that you wouldn’t normally see from this kind of activity. Usually he makes these kinds of faces when he is doing something outside or for the first time. NOT TONIGHT. Hanging up unicorn and fantasy themed plastic flags across the room did the trick.

We got kicked out of the room at 4 so that Danny could get some sleep. Somehow Michelle managed to talk the nurses into a night alone with Danny. I am beginning to think that she is paying Cindy off! Surgery in an 45 minutes. Gonna be a long morning to come. Many updates to come!

Good luck Danny!
Love ya Dood!

Adventures with Danny

January 23rd, 2011 by Conor

I want to start off by saying sorry to Guy. Why? Well, until tonight, I thought that Guy was a really annoying waste of time and money. Tonight He was outdone. Guy makes Teal look good. Guy not only tried to conceal the usage of his phone but also occasionally got up in attempts to look busy and helpful. Guy also tactfully listened to one headphone in the ear on the far side of where I am sitting. Guy also at least looked over at Danny whenever he moved around. Teal makes no effort what-so-ever, and looks annoyed when anything beeps for fear that her perfectly choreographed level of Angry Birds might be in Jeopardy. Teal enjoys text messaging, hand held games, dinner breaks with her boyfriend and long walks in the ICU- shes a keeper! When I met Teal my expectations were not low. Guy had set the bar for job performance last night and I didn’t really think that he could be outdone.

But then I met the limp handshake/barely eyecontacting/lack of care/I wont stand up to meet you, Teal. Teal is not actually named Teal, however, similar to last night I don’t think her name is worthy of being published. I have no fear of publishing it I just don’t think she deserves the kind of media attention that Danny is the Bomb might bring her. The last thing we need are swarms of reporters waiting outside the hospital to meet this infamous Teal. She certainly means well enough I guess. She sits quietly in the corner and looks attentive every time a real person that cares comes into the room. I gave her the name teal because of her head to toe teal outfit with matching tacky purse. ALL TEAL. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Other than my noticeable frustration that we still have a babysitter things have been pretty back and fourth. Danny is happy one minute and then kind of sad the next. In general, it is not as easy to get him to laugh tonight as it was last night. I think this is something I have to get used to thought. If I was him, it probably wouldn’t take much to get my mood to sway. The staff have had to draw blood three times while I have been here in just a few hours. His asthma is tight and ALL he wants is something to eat or drink. He is still days, if not a week away from being able to do either of those things.

Breaking News, Teal just got out of her chair to pick up a fallen stuffed animal. She is now neck and neck with Guy.

I tried to have a chat with Danny again earlier but it just wasn’t the same as last night. I had to run my questions through Michelle, as she was cuddling with Danny in middle of the chat. She was also the keeper of the keyboard but I don’t think that had to do with a lack of success. Danny just wasn’t feeling it.


Danny started to have some trouble with his asthma and that woke him up. He was uncomfortable, not in trouble, just really uncomfortable. He looked over at me and gestured as if he wanted to take a hit off an inhaler. I asked him how bad it was and he motioned both hands toward his chest. We told Cindy what was going on and asked if there was anything she might be able to do. Shortly after that the doctor came in to try to ask Danny a bunch of questions and Danny was having trouble answering in any articulate way with hand gestures. I suggested that he type anything that the doctor should maybe know. He began to explain to the doctor that the felt like something uncomfortable was in the site of where the trache is. The doctor suggested a couple of different things he wanted to do. When Danny moved the mouse around one of the other windows that was up on Michelles computer came into view. There was a picture of an odd clump of hair on the floor shaped in the letters “DCT” Danny looked very very confused. He was back on Facebook!

He scrolled through all the photos with a variety of fun and confused actions. I don’t know if he can really figure out why we shaved our heads for him or not. We showed him all the albums on the facebook page and then also led him over to the website. He was mostly drawn to pictures. Very few things caught his attention but there were a few things that I thought people might find entertaining.

He actually typed in the search bar “Looks like he has lost his damn mind.”

He was entirely confused as to how he had been tagged as Drew Donabedian and laughed when I showed him the call out below his pic.

He was particularly happy when he saw this picture. He scrolled the mouse around Toms head a bunch and wrote in the search bar. “I miss Tommy J. I wish he was here.” Well, surprise surprise Danny! He will be here tomorrow night. What a random coincidence that timing is. Danny still doesn’t know that Tom is Visiting.

After looking around for a little bit he actually signed into Facebook. Danny had amassed some decent stats over the last few weeks.

Dave Soroka was the one and only person to chat with Danny. I can’t imagine how surprised Dave was. There he is in the middle of nowhere on some boat chatting with Danny. How cool is the internet sometimes?

The respiratory therapist came in to take a swab out from his lungs to bring into the lab. This caught him way way off guard. He started violently coughing and that pretty much ended the computer fun. It was a great session with Danny and I am not relaying many of the details of what happened, but sometimes we have to just keep these little laughs and details to ourselves. There is only so much that we can relay to the outside world, sometimes we have to spend the time where it really counts, and that’s with Danny.

Teal didn’t find any of these remarkable moments to be one bit interesting. She didn’t so much as show one bit of interest towards what was going on. I found her presence frustrating because she didn’t care. I am tired of having a babysitter and wish we didn’t have to have one in the first place. I hope her phone dies and she is forced to actually consider doing her job.

Another night down. Another night of weaseling back onto the graveyard shift. Can’t wait for visitors! This is out last night with just me and Danny and Michelle for awhile to come. Tom Jannuzzi arrives tomorrow and then 3 friends from Tahoe get here on Monday. Can’t wait to see you all. It has been nice to have Danny to ourselves but it will be even better to see his face with all the surprises that are headed his way- in the middle of which will be the 3rd and final brain surgery.

So I leave you with this wonderful poll because I honestly am having trouble with this one myself.
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