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January 19th, 2011 by Conor


I first met Danny at a wedding we both attended for Tim and Missy McClare – on lucky 7.7.07. The ceremony took place outside at the fields of Attitash; a beautiful mountainous setting. As my luck would have it I was fortunate enough to sit next to Danny.

While I didn’t know Danny that well in school (I’m slightly older) he ran in the same pack as my brother, Justin Umlah.

It’s bizarre that I can recall the smallest of details from that wedding – ranging from where I sat, who I sat next to, what he was wearing and how he presented himself; when oddly enough I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night. No, really … .what did I eat for dinner last night? All that being said I would have to attribute my ability to recall to Danny and his contagious outgoing “glass is overflowing” personality; not to mention his style and swagger 🙂 At the risk of sounding like a crazy woman I would like to describe my first impression of Danny – a go getter from the Mount Washington Valley.

I located an empty seat at the ceremony and asked if it was taken (Danny was sitting next to the empty seat). Danny stood up and shook my hand – I remember he shook it like a gentleman – first realization that I was dealing with someone who had game 🙂 After a mini introduction I sat down next to Danny. I recall a very handsome man with brown curly hair – styled just so for the dance party to take place later. I remember his cuff links, which caught me by surprise – cuff links – as if my brother would wear those I thought….this kid has style! Danny wore his loafers with bare feet, perfectly pressed pants and dress shirt – weird that I can recall all of this – and the most noteworthy of all I remember his killer brown eyes. We carried on a delightful conversation in which he told me about his clothing company Fligi – he truly is a Fly Guy – and then we watched the ceremony.

While a brief encounter at best, Danny left an impression. I’ve been an active reader on www.dannyisthebomb.com and have learned how many lives DCT has touched. A true gentleman with unconditional grace.

As many of you know first hand, the Mount Washington Valley is an extraordinary place to grow up; the close knit community truly bonds together during times of happiness and heartache (not to mention everything in between). I’m thankful to this community and proud to say I know Danny because of it. I will continue to pray for his speedy recovery.

Danny, you have a whole community rooting for you…I read the updates on your site each morning and have learned that you have an entire empire cheering you on from near and afar. I’ve never used the word “shredder” (other than playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my brother) before learning of your accident and it’s now become second nature….GET SHREDDER DCT. As my brother would say, “you got this”

My Best,

Kristen U. Noyes

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  1. Jan Grady Says:

    I first met Danny when he came in my class at Pine Tree School. I have many fond memories of him. But the best one of all was the day his Mom helped him to haul in his drum set for show and tell. It takes a ton of courage to perform in front of classmates in that way when you are only 7 yrs old. He pulled it off though and I was so proud of him that day. Rooting for you Danny and sending much love to you ….use that same courage now buddy. Love Jan (Ms.Grady one of your old teachers)

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