January 25th, 2011 by MIchelle

After Danny had some time to visit with his friends his physical therapist, Scott, showed up to get him moving. Danny was able to stand, with support, on his left leg and then on his right leg individually. Next up was the big first step. Danny got out of bed and walked down the hall! These were his very first steps since January 3rd with Ellen and Scott supporting him on either side. Although it was more of less a shuffle, according to Ellen, we’ll take it. When asked if standing up brought more pain to Danny’s head he replied with a yes and opted to take the wheel chair back. With Danny fast asleep in bed, they have pushed back the swallow test until tomorrow based on his reaction to walking and his level of pain. The swallow test will determine if the tracheostomy can be removed and if Danny can drink. I’m so excited that Danny got to get out of bed! One step at a time he’s getting better!


7 Responses to “Update”

  1. Diane Says:

    Thanks for the update Michelle. Awesome progress…baby steps…all in the right direction.

  2. dania Says:

    Yah danny!

  3. David Cole Says:

    This is such great news! Thanks for the updates, Michelle. I had ICU time and neuro-rehab time when I was 25 and can remember like it was yesterday, the feeling of moving off the bed and stepping onto the floor. I walked to the wall and back. 3 feet. Danny’s moving!

  4. LouAnne Parker Says:

    Thanks for another update. Every little step forward is such great news. Hang in there! Love to all, LouAnne

  5. elbee Says:

    yeah! so happy to hear that! go danny go!

  6. KathyEla Says:

    Thank you so much for the update…so excited for all of you the progress that Danny has made. Thoughts and prayers are still with you all. Please give Ellen my best…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so excited that Danny’s sitting up and getting out of bed. I experienced a spinal fusion with the plates in my spine, and upper back/neck. I remember when the nurse first said I was going to have to walk across the room. I remember thinking, thru the fog of pain, yeah right, why don’t I fly to the moon while I’m at it. It sounded just about as plausible. He will be shocked by how tired he is by simple exercise. But he WILL GET THERE. He’s such a gifted athlete. It will come back to him. It’s so exciting, he’s on his way.

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