“Is there ANYTHING I can do to help?”

For the hundreds of you out there that have been emailing, calling or texting, here is your chance to come good on your offer. What I need is content for this site. We are all hurting and we all need each others stories and thoughts to hold us together. It’s selfish to just read on this website. If you have bothered to come on this website then you either know Danny personally or have been affected or touched by him somehow. If you have visited this website then contribute to it. Even if you just comment on something that is on the site.

If you want to go a step further than that and really contribute then send your thoughts, images, etc. to:

Send in anything that you feel connects you to Danny:

How did you meet Danny?
What was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were hanging out with Danny?
What is your fondest memory?
What is your favorite picture with Danny?
How did Danny impact your life?
What are you most looking forward doing with Danny when you get to hang out next?
What’s the funniest picture that you have with Danny?

Please share your thoughts and feelings during these hard times. I have been finding that it’s easiest to shed light to this situation by connecting to other people that are equally hurt by what is going on. Unfortunately, this happened up by Great Falls, Montana. We are far away from most of our physical networks but this website aims to bridge that gap as much as we possibly can.