Thank You!

January 6th, 2011 7:30 PM

If you would like to donate on Danny’s behalf I know that our family and Danny would both be forever thankful for your support. This whole process is not only painful and scary but it is also incredibly expensive. The other day Danny was life flighted to the hospital and yesterday they administered a $12,000 drug called FactorVII. It is estimated that Danny will be in the ICU for another week to 10 days but could be as long as 3 weeks. After that he will be going through an intense rehab program. It is probably going to be a month or two before we even leave this hospital.

Thank you ahead of time to each and every person that would like to donate. Even your consideration, if you are not financially able to contribute, is a huge deal!
If you do wish to donate the link is on the bottom right hand side of the sidebar. It’s a yellow button that will take you to a Paypal donate page. You DO NOT have to have Paypal to donate.

If you would like to donate anonymously please email me at to let me know that you don’t want your name to be put up.

Here are a list of people that have generously donated their money to Danny:
Laura Chiu, Santa Ana, CA
Grant K Bowen, San Franscisco, CA
Robert Renzelman, Manchester, NH
Dave Soroka, Ocean Beach, CA
Kate Gwyther, Asheville, NC
Scott Schafer, North Attleboro, MA
Chris Dumm, Arlington, VA
Tim McClare, Troutman, NC
Amelia Richmond, Newport, RI
Walter Cavanagh, Newport, RI
Robert Brennick, Boston, MA
Brian Diskin, Lovell, ME
Nichole Fredette, Kearsarge, NH
Nikki Stacey, Madison, NH
Kim Beals, North Conway, NH
Alexandra Cinamon, Boston, MA
Joe Commendatore, Mountain View, CA
Brienne Diskin, Boston, MA
Graham Johnson, Baltimore, MD
Merle Sweeney, Center Conway, NH
Laurel Coffey, Kapolei, HI
Cheryl Ainsworth, North Conway, NH
Josh MacMillan, Conway, NH
Michael Counihan, Lake Geneva, WI
Josh Allen, Tahoe City, CA
Anne Perley, Portland, ME
Adam Berry, Boston, MA
Alyssa Hussey, Winchester, VA
Victoria Noel, North Conway, NH
James Harrison, Hampton, NH
Christine Murasaki Ainsworth, Cambridge, MA
Kimberly Bellinger, Brooklyn, NY
Thelma Kvaran, Iceland
Jylian Belcher, Maryville, TN
Cayla Pearson, Epsom, NH
Lorena Proia, Somerville, MA
Elizabeth Conner, Rye, NH
Julie Smith, Londonderry, NH
Susan Stacey, Madison, NH
Doug and Mary Fagone, Center Conway, NH
Joanne Montgomery, Center Conway, NH
Tara Watt, Goffstown, NH
Joseph Carroll, New Gloucester, ME
Madeline Baker, Greenwood Village, CO
Mike Wade, Silver Lake, NH
Daniel Waterhouse, Fryeburg, ME
Andrew Smith, Kapolei, HI
Craig Wade, Nottingham, NH
Jennifer McPhillips, North Billerica, MA
Chris Frantz, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Cameron Cook, Burlington, VT
Kristen Pobatschnig, North Conway, NH
Seth Stone, Portland, ME
Lindsey Thomason, Newton, MA
Brian Halladay, Los Alamos, NM
Mariah Lafey, Boston, MA
Dylan Peters, Williston, VT
Andrew Drummond, Oakland, CA (until I hear where the right address is)
Ellen Belcastro, Conway, NH
Catherine Caroleo, Mullica Hill, NJ
Mascha van Tongeren, Astoria, NY
Lauren Santagate, Bloomfield, NJ
Marie MacDonald, Center Conway, NH
Samantha Horne, Springfield, MA
Nancy Zack, Conway, NH
Patrick Griffin, Boston, MA
Tony Neou, Hillsboro, OR
Ian McLeod, Tahoe City, CA
Cassandra Wright, Brownfield, ME
Marc Dandeneau, Medford, MA
Jennifer King, Bakersfield, CA
David Hamlin, Washington, DC
Cristin Fagone, San Francisco, CA
Zachary Visconti, Fremont, CA
Jamie Olsen, Waterbury, VT
RLT Professional Painting, North Conway, NH
Micaela Rogers, Hoboken, NJ
Sherri Aikin, Reno, NV
Larry and Sally Smith, North Conway, NH
Darcy Kane, Conway, NH
Kent Dallow, Denver, CO
Tom Buckland, Thornbury, Ontario Canada
Matt Nestor, Tewksbury, MA
Jonathan Simpson, Center Conway, NH
Christopher Barnes, Hoboken, NJ
Mary Fortier, Baltimore, MD
Colin Tuttle, Bozeman, MT
Scott Thompson, Intervale, NH
Peter Andersen, Conway, NH
LouAnne C Parker, Olympic Valley, CA
Shelby Love, Keene, NH
Mario Natad, Chula Vista, CA
Susan Bartlett, Effingham, NH
Taylor Wroblewski, Houston, TX
Robert Grosso, Chatham, NJ
Daniel Boutelle, North Smithfield, RI
Theresa Donaldson, West Hollywood, CA
Alexandra Wilcox, San Clemente, CA
Nia Chauvin, North Conway, NH
Amy McGinnis, Winston Salem, NC
Kelly Friel, Davidsonville, MD
Mark Bandy, Annapolis, MD
Ashley Edwards, San Diego, CA
Michael Marrone, Tahoe City, CA
Linda Burns, Conway, NH
Robyn Patnode, Conway, NH
Megan Credit, Wolfeboro Falls, NH
Pat Coogan, New London, NH
Stephanie Hastings, Fryeburg, ME
Jason Stevens, Baltimore, MD
Alyssa Hussey, Winchester, VA
Sarah Allyn, Boston, MA
Eric Girard, Worcester, MA
Alexandra Murray, Wolfeboro Falls, NH
Ken Burkett, North Conway, NH
Gerard Byrnes, Tahoe City, CA
Eric Harrison, Burbank, CA
Anonymous, Saitama, Japan
Sean Delaney, Avon, CO
Jill MacMillan, Conway, NH
Mark Button, Portsmouth, RI
Madeline Baker, Greenwood Village, CO
Meagan Adams, St Albans, VT
Megan Michelson, Seattle, WA
Thomas Harmon, Mesa, AZ
Stephen Schloss, Weston, FL
Thomas Fortier, Charlestown, MA
Judith Keane, Conway, NH
Matthew Abrams, Long Beach, CA
Ianbay, Beaverton, OR
Joseph Favara, Macungie, PA
Darrell Elaine Umlah, North Conway, NH
Justin Umlah, Bradenton, FL
Sara-Jo Roberts, Boston, MA
Sharyn Rogers, Madison, NH
Pamela Davis, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Amanda Coveney, Wilbraham, MA
Nancy Morrell, Stuart, FL
John Parker, Olympic Valley, CA
Nicki Slechta, Tahoe City, CA
Sara Jannuzzi, Auburndale, MA
Nancy Maymar, Kentfield, CA
Kitty Cobb, Winston Salem, NC
Donna Stuart, Center Conway, NH
Ashley Moore, Columbus, OH
Harvest Doucette, Center Conway, NH
Ryan Young, Norwood, MA
Sarah Montgomery, Intervale, NH
Matthew Berkowitz Greenland, NH
Tina Burford, Brownfield, ME
Kaella Ryan, Rutland, VT
Joseph Prasol, Revere, MA
Tresten Sweigard, Truckee, CA
Jody and Chris Boyd, Sudbury, MA
Erik Anderson, Washington DC
Cynthia Gilmore, Kearsarge, NH
Danielle Sawyer, Sparks, MD
Kevin Flynn, Revere, MA
Cailyn ODonnell, Manchester, CT
Susan Peters, Williston, VT
Stephen Lavoie, Intervale, NH
William D Cochrane, Murry, UT
Adam Lanzilotti, Fryeburg, ME
James Richards, New York, NY
Jake O’Donnell, Dover, NH
Cerese Sage Westminster, CA
Katie Dacey Franklin, MA
Debra Deschenes, Center Conway, NH
Meryl Buckalew, Zephyr Cove, NV
Jenna Chasse, Littleton, CO
Debra Selmi, Conway, NH
Erikalyn Brennan, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ellen Kimble, Glen, NH
Daniel Dineen IV, Medford, MA
Krista Sullivan, Center Conway, NH
Jennifer Berg, Crested Butte, CO
Jim and Margie Soroka, North Conway, NH
Carly Vendola, Bristol, RI
Merle Sweeney, Center Conway, NH
Mark Demmitt, Stamford, CT
Kevin Chang, Waltham, MA
Mike Gagliardi, Golden, CO
Patricia Franke, Reno, NV
Jonathan Simpson, Center Conway, NH
Jonathan Goguen, Raleigh, NC
Robyn Wallace, Tahoe City, CA
Alex Kruysman, Dover, NH
Jason Carrasco, Cambridge, MA
Jesse Bilotta, Brooklyn, NY
Sara Tagliarino, Lake Placid, NY
Matt Sheaff, Bangor, ME
Cailyn ODonnell, Manchester, CT
Mallory Switaj, Dover, NH
Judie Caroleo, Mullica Hill, NJ
Gail Marrone, Tamworth, NH
Robert Schramm, Concord, NH
Sarah Keyser, Hampton, NH
Ashley Lanzilott, Naples, FL
Victoria Swirka, Nashua, NH
Hilary Kenney, Rochester, NH
Ashley Stancik, Arlington, VA
Stephanie Hastings, Fryeburg, ME
Kendra Langston, Wenatchee, WA
Madeline Baker, Greenwood Village, CO
Matthew Abrams, Long Beach, CA
Nancy Martin, Madison, NH
Daniel Spofford, North Conway, NH
Molly Donabedian, North Conway, NH
Nancy Morrell, North Conway, NH
Johnny Murry, Dubuque, IA
Edward Wright, The Woodlands, TX
Jenny Cuccio, North Conway, NH
Nicole Giuliani, Revere, MA
Kim Stephan, Freedom, NH
Maureen Rupprecht, Jackson, NH
Alexander Tarberry, North Conway, NH
Joel Carpenter, Dorchester, MA
Lisa Strotman, Orlando, FL
Richard Russell, Swanzey, NH
Patrick Gwyther, Belchertown, MA
Laura DiGregorio, Boxford, MA
Christine Savage, Truckee, CA
Stephanie Rawson, Madison, NH
Buffy Root, East Calais, VT
Lyn LaFontaine, Center Conway, NH
Lisa Fadden, Center Conway, NH
Lauren Pochelon, Sanbornville, NH
Megan Griffin, Weymouth, MA
Lindsey Yeomans, Durham, CT
Bianca Moccia, Melrose, MA
Patricia Hiller, Jackson, NH
Kristen Groves, Rocklin, CA
Frank Barta, Hooksett, NH
William Sechrist, Loveland, OH
Wendy Howard, Conway, NH
Beau Clark, Superior, CO
Diane Harmon, North Conway, NH
Ryannon Faries, Omaha, NE
Lara Anderson, South Chatham, NH
Peter Gimbert, Tahoma, CA
Joanne Gibely, Boxford, MA
Patricia Donovan, Manasquan, NJ
Ariana DeAngelis, Rumford, RI
Amanda Cola, Norwood, MA
Lindsay Watkins, Glen, NH
Victoria Swirka, Nashua, NH
Cassandra Wright, Brownfield, ME
Lisa Strotman, Orlando, FL
Shelly Brewer, Olympic Valley, CA
Jennifer Bell, Marathon, FL
Michael Cox, Brentwood, NH
Heather Zack, Conway, NH
Jennifer McPhillips, N. Billerica, MA
Katie Frechette, Conway, NH
Elyse Stiner, Miami, FL
William Baker, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Meaghan Walker, North Conway, NH
Ben Taylor, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Taj Pietkiewicz, Portsmouth, NH
Kyle McKee, Bend OR
Riley Descheemaeker, Davis, CA
Carlyjane Campo, Breckenridge, CO
Jessica Rice, Loudon, NH
Jason Cameron, Tahoe City, CA
Tucker Letarte, Truckee, CA
Nick Rice, Loudon, NH
David Wilson, Intervale, NH
Samantha Long, Denver, CO
Amanda Cola, Norwood, MA
Lesley Betts, Denver, CO
Marnie Taylor, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Ashlee Weyandt, Madison, NH
Peter Gagne, North Conway, NH
Casey Mclellan, Wilson, WY
Anne Arrington, Missoula, MT
Jennifer Manning, Manchester, NH
Alex Gardiner, Marblehead, MA
Amy Ackerly, Tahoe City, CA
George Hyland, Wildwood, MO
Cindy Barnicoat, Albany, NH
Jillian Moulton, North Conway, NH
Jenna Pantel, New York, NY
Tricia Light, North Conway, NH
Rebecca Deschenes, Center Conway, NH
Kit Wiebe, Durham, NC
Alex Johnson, New York, NY
Betsy Pitreau, Glen, NH
Kristen Noyes, Rye, NH
Tiffany Leger, Wakefield, MA
Amanda Cola, Norwood, MA
Ashley Bouchard, Henniker NH
Jay Frater/Michelle O’Neill, Briston VT
Thomas & Jan Brown, Boxford, MA
Alberta Ellis, Orlando, FL
John & Polly Allyn, Topsfield MA
Sebastian Badon, Farmington, CT
Todd Pavics, Livingston, NJ
Hanna Haidar, East Falmouth, MA
Lucas Heffernan, La Crosse, WI
Karyn Bush, Bartlett, NH
Michelle Low, North Reading, MA
Jennifer Stanford, Steamboat Springs, CO
Samantha Stiffler, Denver, CO
Susan Haley, Silver Lake, NH
Josiah Mills, Center Ossipee, NH
Jordan Nikerle, Perkiomenville, PA
Thomas Bohinc, Old Saybrook, CT
Keaton Malinich, Olivette, MO
Mary Behrens, Scarborough, ME
Drew Donabedian, North Conway, NH
Abigail Maynard, Jackson, NH
Tom Desmet, Salem NH
Nancy Brickley, Wakefield Ma
Jean Jannuzzi, Glen NH
Rick Pignone, Charlestown MA
Carol Shea-O’Neill, Newport Beach CA
Jeffrey & Laura Kimmel, Clarksville MD
Randy Welch, Easton MD
Kyle Nason, San Antonio, TX
Jenna Dramise, Truckee, CA
Ashley Wigeri van Edema, Woburn, MA
John Moriarty, Boxford, MA
Matthew Digesti, Reno, NV
Heidi Sanderson, Tahoe City, CA
Timothy Hruz, Center Conway, NH
Kristen Groves, Rocklin, CA
Melissa Hatch, Fryeburg, ME
Mary Behrens, Scarborough, ME
Heidi Forde, Madison, NH
Leonardo Rubio, Milwaukee, WI
Liana Pyne, Key West, FL
Lindsay Horan, Leucadia, California
Stephen Blair, North Conway, NH
Jamie Mogel, Braintree, MA
Corey Annunziata, Amherst, NH
Melissa Powderly, Billerica, MA
Elizabeth Roof, Walpole, MA
Bruce Kennett, Conway, NH
Jonathon BonTempo, Portland, ME
John Anthony, Uncasville, CT
John Sanders, North Oaks, MN
Tito Gainza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eileen Langdon, Glen, NH
Deborah Horan, North Easton, MA
Anthony Jones, Pinedale, WY
Rachel Mock, Hollis, NH
Tyler Butler, Manchester, NH

If I forgot your name on this list please do not hesitate to email me and remind me. I have been trying to do a lot of things at once and I do make mistakes.

Also, thank you to the following individuals for helping to feed our family at a time when even the cafeteria feels far away from Danny:
Ben Kane, Conway, NH
Talia Brooks, Conway, NH
Darcy Kane, Conway, NH (twice!)
Brienne Diskin, Boston, MA
Roger and Elaine Bermas, Rosslyn Heights, New York
David and Emily Riss, North Conway, NH
Joseph Venturini, Manchester, NH
Cheryl Ainsworth, North Conway, NH
Nichole Fredette, Boston, MA
Brian and Anne Diskin, Lovell, ME
Josh Belcher, Knoxville, TN
Charlie Dixon, Boston, MA
Laura Mclane, Conway, NH
Raymond S Burton, Bath, NH
Chuck and Terri Brooks, Freedom, NH
Meghan Howe Noyes
Grammy, Kearsarge, NH
Carrie Eberhardt, Dallas TX
Kelli Mcdonald, North Conway, NH
Judith Kane, Las Vegas, NV (Twice!)
Scott Thompson, Jackson, NH
Norman Patenaude, Portsmouth, NH
Heather Bonner, Merrimack NH
Bobby Brennick, Boston, MA
Micaela Rogers, Hoboken,NJ
Frontside Grind, North Conway, NH
Danny Stataro, Philadelphia, PA
Emily Kirby and Ryan St Onge, North Conway, NH
Megan Robinson

We would also like to thank the following businesses who have helped to support this cause in one way or another. Thank you all!
Ink Monstr
The Woolen Rabbit, Conway, NH
Glass Graphics
Hula Networks
Osprey Kite Sports LLC, Severna Park, MD
Rhythm Snowboards LLC, Boston, MA
Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center, Effingham, MA
Emanon Enterprises, San Diego, CA
Joy Tarbell Realty, North Conway, NH
Mark and Mark of East of Maui Boardshop Annapolis, MD
InVion USA, Lake Forest, CA
Jane & Marc Chauvin, Chauvin Guides International, North Conway NH
The Support Group, Natick Ma
EG Chandler Inc./Jane Dusza, Intervale NH
Tom Greene G-2 Systems