A New Look for Dollar Hill

January 22nd, 2011 by Conor

During the evening there is an hour and a half long shift change and we are forced out to the lobby during that time. We were sitting there when Michelle was crusin’ around Facebook and randomly noticed that Mayo had shaved his head. My first thought… Rad. Very Rad. How do we get more? So I started to chat him about how he should try to get Moss and Ian to do it. I didn’t get any response from him and then all of a sudden we noticed that there was a picture of Moss and Tito with shaved heads! Tito just arrived to Tahoe last night from Argentina and I hadn’t even thought of him as a possibility on the shaved head campaign. That left only one housemate on the head shave… Ian. Didn’t know which way that was going to go (for all I know he led the charge), but I had no reason to believe how he could have talked his way out of that one – I just had yet to see a picture. And then I got the group shot! The whole house did it! With newly acquired members and all. I was so stoked. Michelle was stoked. Then a picture message from Will Porter (Michelle’s roomate, our friend)! A DCT hair sculpture. No way… Will too! Seemed impossible, but then again he was no rookie to the shaved head, and it would be a pretty bold move to send it from his phone and not have done the deed himself. Then I got the epic Bozo the clown looking shot of Will in mid shave.

What a great group of friends we have. Mayo, Ian, Moss, Tito and Will… Love you all. You are amazing people and I am both happy and lucky to be able to call each and every one of you my friends. I can’t imagine seeing Danny’s face when he sees those pictures!


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