Thoughts from the Graveyard Shift from the Hotel…Early Edition

January 20th, 2011 by Conor

Well I thought I was doing bad last night when I got kicked out of the ICU room, tonight, I didn’t even make it in there. I was packing up my stuff in the lobby to head in when I looked up to see Michelle rather randomly. Right around midnight is when I usually head into the room. About that time Michelle rounded the corner with a rather discouraged look. I don’t remember what she said specifically, only that I didn’t believe her at first. She explained that the nurse was trying to give Danny some space so that he might be able to sleep better. This surprsed me because I had been in there for the last 15 nights in a row. Why was tonight different I wondered.

I headed to Danny’s room anyway because I had to get some things out of there if I wasn’t going to be able to get in there at all. When the locking doors opened to the ICU I was met by the nurse who explained to me that Danny was sleeping so I could come on back in and hang out if I wanted. I diverted my attention from the informative nurse and looked over towards Danny’s room. Right when I looked over Danny threw up a wave which to me said something like “Please get me the hell out of this place I can’t stand it and I want to be home. NOW.” I informed the nurse that Danny wasn’t sleeping.

Before I had headed to the ICU to get my stuff I was contemplating even going in. I figured it if had been that hard for Danny to sleep that he probably would be pretty pissed if he was woken up by me. So When I realized he was awake I was excited I wouldn’t be bothering him. As I walked in the room he proceeded to try to roll over and get out of the restraints that were holding him down. I’m not talking about rolling around in discomfort, I’m talking about moving around and fighting with some rage to get out of the position he has been forced into. The nurse took a minute but was able to calm him down.

Michelle and I decided to head out of the ICU for the night at midnight but not before we mentioned to our nurse, as well as another favorite (;-)), that Danny really needed to be watched closely. Michelle had some concerns about Dannys care based on Dannys behavior earlier in the evening. Twice while she had been in the room she had seen Danny try to get up out of bed. I realize the nurses watch patients closely as a job, but, sometimes they get busy, and I wouldn’t put it past Danny to do something wild. He is extremely uncomfortable, now he’s alone, and he doesn’t want to be there one bit. As we walked away from the hospital I couldn’t help but imagine Danny sleeping with one eye open waiting and watching the nursing staff while planning his escape. I really hope he doesn’t go for it.

I will not make the same mistake tomorrow. Even if they kick me out for the Graveyard shift I will have already been in the room a little earlier in the night. Super bummer that I saw Danny for about 10 minutes today. So for those of you around the country that feel helpless waiting for updates and info, I had a taste of it today. It sucks.

It’s 3:19 and usually I am about halfway through my shift. Instead, I am going to bed.

Good Night Danny, and I hope that’s just what it is…

12 Responses to “Thoughts from the Graveyard Shift from the Hotel…Early Edition”

  1. Laurie Trapasso Pochelon Says:

    Glad to hear the fight back has started.

  2. Holly Foss Says:

    I know how tough that is!! The fact that he is fighting is a good thing, although very scary! And in the end he will be thankful you were there!! Sending good thoughts and positive vibes!

  3. kate Says:

    You are an incredible brother Conor, hang in there….Danny trying to leave is probably a good sign! <3

  4. Annie Perley Says:

    In an effort to turn things to the bright side we should all be so thankful that he has “fight” in him – we could be reading posts of no sign of awareness, movement or speech. I’m taking this as great news that he’s on his way to recovery and will be his spunky self in no time ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay strong Conor and Michelle and see the positive in any situation ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs

  5. Cassandra Says:

    Sorry Conor. ๐Ÿ™ I can’t even imagine how hard it was for you to leave. I must agree that planning an escape sounds just like Danny.

  6. Tanisha Says:

    Danny is lucky to have all of you in his life, You guys are amazing and you will be blessed by all this and how willing you are to put somebody before yourself the way you all have been ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Geoff Colbath Says:

    Yes, it’s great that he’s got the fight in him! Have you told him everything, yet? If not — why not? Perhaps telling him a significant potion of his skull is missing, he’ll be slightly less likely to do anything stupid.

    Very slightly, knowing Danny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sending good vibes everyday!

  8. Carol Says:

    Ahhhh….these people know Danny!!!!
    Conor and Michelle – get back in there tonight!!!!!
    Love to you….

  9. Julie Says:

    Conor & Michelle-

    Big hugs, love and thanks to both of you. You’ve been amazing throughout this. This turn is indeed hard for all–please hang in there!

  10. Polly Allyn Says:

    Conor…sending out a fresh batch of chocolate covered pretzels with your Mom. A 48 hour break helped re charge her. Please take care of yourself and get some rest…Danny is really going to need you down the road. I love you…Auntie Polly

  11. Polly Allyn Says:

    P.S. Michelle…where are the seven hats for Danny’s cousins? ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Joe Commendatore Says:

    Thats huge man.. Sucks to leave him solo I am sure but huge that he is fighting and the fact that he says โ€œhey dude get me out of hereโ€ in his own way tells you he is healing man. Thats sooo …RAD kick ass Danny. I remeber when i had it with the hospital and nurses after about day 15 I threw my piss bottle against the wall and said let me get up out of my bed.. I have to get upโ€ฆ They called a doc in at like 4am and got it cleared to walk me around in a wheel chair .. Anyway thanks for the update and soo happy to learn there is progressโ€ฆ

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