Words. On Tour with Malinski Part 3

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

So another stop on the super demo tour down. This week was Mt. Hood. The weather was super rainy the whole time. A lot like our first on-hill sponsor activity at Windell’s. We sat around in the rain and tried to encourage kids to try tricks for free stuff. Danny made this easy to do. His positive attitude with any situation made it a pleasure to sit in the rain and cheer kids on. I’m trying to use all my experiences with Danny to keep the smile on my face. I can’t thank Michelle and Conor enough for keeping us posted. I always seem to find a laugh in what Conor writes. Michelles’ notes always make me smile because she talks about Danny the way he talked about her all summer. Sooo stoked to hear Danny’s progress!!! The little steps mean a lot right now and just hearing about them has brighten everybody on tours’ day. Got his easy livin signed and it will be in the mail this week. I hope the shred stick has the same effect on him as the shredding moose. We’ll be in park city this week and I promise to get my chuck monkey on for Danny. Much love

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