Fellow Montanan’s

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

Howdy Conor or whoever is keeping this incredible site updated,

I wanted to offer support from myself and the Yellowstone Club Ski Patrol. I was inspired by Drew’s hike for Danny and sign, then Dave’s note from a boat in the middle of no where. I was hoping to “one up” them, and get a clear day because right behind of us is the magnificent summit of Lone Peak, but a white out is also cool. I have a great image of Danny from last winter when he walked into the up-bar of Horsefeathers, he looked like a true pro rider; skate shoes that looked way too cool, jeans that were a little baggy, but not too much, just right. A florescent yellow t-shirt that almost came down to his knees accented by a classy hoody, that was of course, unzipped. And to top it all of was the perfect strait brimmed ball cap that had nothing to do with baseball, but rather a sponsor. Danny was as friendly as I remembered him to be, a good kid doing great things.
Being fellow Montanan’s, I want to extent and invitation to anyone who needs a break, or to get away for a bit. Darren Johnson and myself live here in Big Sky, just south of Bozeman, and would be willing to have anyone who need a break or a ride. We can work out a way for one person to ride(using Dar’s pass) at Big Sky, and possibly more if need be.
Fell free to edit this post as little or as much as you like. In the picture that is me in the middle(Beau Etter-Garrette), Darren Johnson on the right, and Kyle Fredrick(a random patroler who got in the picture, but made the image symmetrical). Conor I love reading you midnight posts, they’re informative and very humorous. Keep up the good work. I wish you all wellness and happiness and it seems like there is a lot of hope to be had.

As always,


Be Well and Smile.

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