Yet Another Night On The Graveyard Shift

January 15th, 2011 by Conor

Well it’s little quieter without Josh around but I will say he is missed. It was a welcomed break from chaos we have experienced since the initial injury back on January 3rd.

Danny seems much better to me. He looks better, he is moving around much more and they are pumping far less drugs in him than they used to. He has a long way to go but I feel very good about the path that he is currently on.

The sagging balloons in the corner remind us that we have been here too long. We aren’t quite at the “Feel Better” stage.

In the last 8 hours that I have been in Danny’s room he did the following when commanded:
Thumbs up with right hand,
Held up 2 fingers,
Held up 3 fingers,
Attempted to touch his finger to his nose,
Smiled the best smile that he could given the circumstances.
……….. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

That’s it. Another night down. Looking forward to reporting more good news tomorrow.

I love you Danny.


3 Responses to “Yet Another Night On The Graveyard Shift”

  1. Laurie Trapasso Pochelon Says:

    Conor and Michelle, Can’t tell you how uplifting it is to receive these posts. Though our families didn’t spend much time together after elementary school, we’re bonded by the time we spent together in Eaton. Thanks again.

  2. Trevor Says:

    I talked to Danny a few months ago on facebook about how he was looking for a sick design for a shreddy times t-shirt, but he never ended up using it. I’ll post it if someone wants it?

  3. kate Says:

    thinking of you all and sending love and healing energy and hugs…all love surround you

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