January 15th, 2011 by Conor

Around nine o’clock tonight, Paul gave Danny his nuero test. Tonight he mixed it up a bit and asked Danny to hold up two fingers. Danny showed us the peace sign and later when we were talking about it he gave the peace sign again. The right side of his body is moving well. His left side is less responsive, but he can still give a little hand squeeze. Paul then asked Danny to shake his head yes. Danny slowly moved his head up and down. It was really really faint, but it was noticeable. Next test…the smile. After Paul’s prompt, Danny moved his cheeks in an effort to smile. The right side of his face had more action than the left and I wouldn’t consider it to be a big grin or even really much of a smile at all, but he showed effort. He hears us. We keep telling him about all of the support you guys are showing him. Keep it up…this journey for Danny is a long one.


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  1. Ginny Wright (Jim Fagones girl) Says:

    Hey, Danny!!
    Keep up the great work…you will improve with each passing day!!..I first met you at Bretton Woods on the Canopy Tour with Sean G, Megan B, Bobby B and Jimmy F…you were hilarious and it was a very fun day for all!!.We are all pulling for you, Man!!!!..Sending out positive energy your way..Ginny

  2. Dan and Jenny Spoff. Says:

    That’s awesome! We’re excited to see you have a full recovery!

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