January 14th, 2011 by Conor

After assessing that the ICP wiring system was in fact not giving us the correct reading, the doctor removed the catheter from Danny’s head today. He also removed the catheter which was collecting fluid, mostly blood, from his head. When you look at Danny now, he has no more tubes from his chin up. Aside from his shaved head and the two large question mark shaped scars on either side of his skull he looks more like the Danny you and I know. Ellen had some exciting news to report to us this morning. She told us that Danny had scrub down today. While Beverly was washing him up, she talked to him the whole time and gave him the soap with a manly scent. When Beverly was leaving she said, “Danny, I’m leaving now. How about a wave goodbye.” Danny’s hand raised up softly and purposefully to wave goodbye to Beverly. A minute later Beverly said goodbye once again and Danny’s hand did the same thing.


4 Responses to “Update”

  1. cerese sage Says:

    That is SO awesome! Like in a previous post, I may not know Danny, but know exactly what you guys are going through and I can only imagine how that made you guys feel because it brought tears to my eyes. He as such an awesome support system from all you guys and thats such a blessing to have. 🙂

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