Words. On Tour with Malinski Part 2

January 11th, 2011 by Conor

Dear Danny,

We had our first am series stop at Mammoth this weekend. I can’t help but wonder if you would have continued your dominate streak of beating everybody in our slopestyle contests or if you would have wanted to spend more time with us and roll fence with Ethan and Jake. I can feel you every time I’m near a snowboard. You are one of the best shredders I’ve ever seen and the sport misses you. We are on our way to Mt. Hood this weekend for our second Am series stop. Not gonna lie feels a little weird to me that I’m going back to where we spent all summer and I won’t get to see you there. Our group misses you and Connor a ton. Jake mentioned you in his article for snowboarder mag and said a few words for you at the awards. Our journey on the road continues and You are always in my thoughts. Keep staying strong and we’ll see you soon. Thank you Conor and Michelle for all the updates. It makes me feel better knowing he’s got two great people supporting him through all this.


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