Words. By Chris Rogers

January 6th, 2011 by Conor

Cherish the ones who you assume will always be in your life, develop a wicked allergy to negativity, and assume nothing…

It is difficult thinking about Danny being incapacitated…for the mere fact that anyone who knows him, knows that he lives life to the fullest. “don’t talk about it, be about it” is a phrase we have not only heard him use, but seen him employ. whether it be old school friends who gravitate to his talent and ability to be the natural that he is, or new shreds who have shralped alongside and drawn on-hill inspiration.

I have always been amazed at how many more friends Danny has amassed since the last time I have seen him. a true testament to the fact that he has been building an army of likeminded individuals…he once didn’t make a friend just to see what it felt like.

Offhill antics include an infectious laugh that hits the high notes everytime (your joke isn’t funny until he hits the hyena pitch). His over evolved sense of sarcasm makes mundane observations turn into witty assessments about life, and it’s always a treat being within earshot of DCT when someone makes a complete fool of themselves without knowing it. and for the record…he introduced me to the movie FUBAR, I am forever grateful.

Danny’s offhill strengths could make a list miles long, but his natural ability to ride is what becomes apparent. I was still perfecting the art of toeside turns when I witnessed Danny preform meanest Method I have ever seen…as a seventh grader. Without attending a private shred school like many east Coast big names, Danny did it his way…spinning his way into the semi pro snowboarding world. Kid can spin like a frisbee, and always executes tricks with catlike agility. I remember Danny and Conor teaching me backflips back in 8th grade, on a booter with a lip no less than 6 feet tall and vertical pitch…DCT’s advice? “Just do a backflip!” scariest, but most progressive day of my young life, just another day of shred to Danny.

He came to visit me in SLC last winter and ended up showing me around the mountain I was working at and called home…then was out before i could even tell him that i tore my rotator cuff trying those batty frontflips he was showing me. He led the movement of east Coasters moving west to progress within our area of New Hampshire, to which I reunited with him and the Shreddy Crew just before the latest accident in Teton Pass Montana.

What happened to Danny is serious, and has left many hearts heavy and filled with concern…but do not mistake how big of a heart and resilient of a brain he has. Everyone has many stories about him that I am sure are hilarious/rediculous/epic/shreddy, so keep them in mind and keep him in mind. Until he can be back doing what he loves, do it for him.

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  1. Inspired snowboarder Says:

    not even knowing Danny personally, watching his amazing youtube videos and being a huge fan of his accomplishments, I was truly struck at the news of what had happened to him. I hate to see someone with such talent and passion for what he does to encounter such an event as this. My thoughts and prayers go out to Danny an his family and hope for a quick recovery so he can get back to what he truly loves doing.

  2. Ashley Kellogg Says:

    Chris, these words couldn’t describe Danny any better. I’ve been in tears ever since I heard the news, but the one thing that keeps me going is thinking of his laugh. Every time I saw him, he was smiling the most contagious smile but nothing compared to that laugh. You could feel the warmth and sincerity in his laugh. When I first met Danny, and Conor, we were at the amazing Bedford house for 4th of July. Within minutes of meeting them we were down at the end of a 100ft slip and slide dodging fireworks that were being lit off by one of their drunk friends. The fireworks were shooting right at us and Danny was just jumping and dodging and laughing the whole time! He was then being harassed by some drunk girl and Danny’s face was priceless! He rolled his eyes and ran and hid.
    Over the years I’ve gotten to know Danny very well. Distance has never stopped our friendship from growing. He has been an inspiration to many, including myself. I lived a sheltered life with strict parents and Danny still can’t believe how few states I’ve been to. Over the years of listening to him, I’ve changed a lot. I take life for what it is and live spontaneously! I know Danny still wants me to learn how to board and wouldn’t stand to let this stop me from trying. So, I will learn, for him, so that when he comes home we can board together-with sick designed helmets of course. I’ve been able to see lots of places through Danny and his stories of his adventures have made me feel like I’ve been there with him.
    Conway is my favorite place to be and it’s definitely missing Danny “trew”ly.

    Time to come home Danny.

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