How it Happened…

January 6th, 2011 by Conor

Post removed per Danny’s request. He was troubled by inaccuracies reported and that have been spread around.

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  1. Linda MacDonald Says:

    I do not know you or Danny but I know Sara McNally. My prayers are with you and his family during this difficult time.

  2. Tarmey Eliason Says:

    It’s been a really long time since I have seen Danny. I think the last time I saw Him was at the Parka Halloween party and he was the guy from the hangover (with the baby and glasses) it was def an amazing costume!Its been a few years since I have seen or talked to Danny but near or far he is a local North Conway friend to so many people. You guys are all in my thoughts! Iris Ladds words from above are extremely touching and heartfelt. Thinking of all of you in these hard times…

  3. Robin Volle Says:

    I’m Sara McNally’s cousin. Everyone is praying for you guys! I admire your willingness to trust in god. Good luck!

  4. Taryn Riley Says:

    I went to college with Danny. Prob one of the nicest kids Ive ever met. I am thinking about you and praying hard for you and your family. Stay strong. <3

  5. Joe Carroll Says:

    Thoughts going out to you Danny. Mayo’s a close friend of mine, and I’ve been talking to Conor as much as I can. Great things have been said about you, and I look forward to meeting and seeing you in March. You’ll pull through this. with all the strength sent your way from family and friends, and your brother by your side, you’ll pull through. stay strong. can’t wait to see you this spring. best wishes man.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    In the name of Jesus. We thank you lord for a rapid recovery.

    Danny is in good hand and he will be snowbording in no time. Keep faith.

  7. Nicole Webb Says:

    I don’t know Danny, but like you said, if you’re on here and have been touched by this story, share it.

    This season I’ve seen a frightening trend of head injuries to anyone from friends of mine to guys like Danny who I’ve never even met. I’ve been riding for almost 15 years and never bothered with a helmet but as of today, reading this, I’ll never be slopeside again without one.

    Please let Danny know his strength through this is being recognized across the country and his fellow riders from the Appalachians are sending love and prayers in hopes to have our brother back on the slopes again shredding in good health.

    Think snow and wear your helmets with pride in honor of Danny.
    Peace and Love to all.

  8. Lon Epstein Says:

    Danny is a good friend of mine from SNHU. We use to ride a lot at loon before he graduated and I’ve been in touch with him ever since. I’ve followed FLIGI and Shreddy Times for a while now and have been keeping up wit him through the video process. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family through this very difficult time. I know he’ll make it through this, he’s a very strong kid. I look forward to seeing you soon Danny.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    fallen but not down. best dan.

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