Success at the Fat Cat!

February 15th, 2011 by Conor

Yes, I have been a little lazy since I got back to Lake Tahoe. Had I still been in Montana I probably would have attempted to write about the huge success at the Fat Cat the night of the event. Well things are a little different now that I am back in Tahoe and able to unwind a little bit. A little bit slower and a little more emphasis on trying to escape the horrible reality of Montana. Furthermore if I had written it after the night of the Fat Cat if might not have gone over so well…

With the help of some unbelievable friends and the Fat Cat the fundraiser held last Wednesday raided almost $2,800! Everyone had a huge smile and was totally supportive of the cause. It was great to see such a huge turnout. I really couldn’t believe how many people both showed up but also emptied their pockets for the cause.

Thank you to the Fat Cat, bartenders, musicians, beer distributors, businesses, all of our friends that helped to organize the event and EVERYONE that turned out to support Danny. I don’t want to mention names only for fear that I will forget someone. You know who you are and it means the world to my family and I that you helped us out!

The raffle was a huge success thanks to all the wonderful businesses below:

The Chocolate Bar in the Village at Northstar
The Bridgetender in Tahoe City
The Crest Cafe in Alpine Meadows
Sunnyside in Tahoe City
Mamasake in The Village at Squaw Valley
The Tahoe House in Tahoe City
Blue Coyote in The Village at Squaw Valley
Fireside in the Village at Squaw Valley
22 Bistro in the Village at Squaw Valley
Surefoot in the Village at Squaw Valley
Gallery Keoki
PBR Snowboard
Squaw Valley USA
Handcrafted art made by Sam Kimberley-Bryant at Mountain Forge, Truckee CA
Nine Lives in Tahoe City
Tahoe City Kayak
Trilogy Spa in the Village at Squaw Valley
Tahoe City XC
Wildflour Baking Company

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  1. LouAnne Parker Says:

    Great event!!! Always impressed by this communities generosity. Just wanted to add “Wildflour Baking Company” onto the list. Thanks to all

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