February 3rd, 2011 by MIchelle

The drain has been removed! Danny doesn’t have a silly hat on anymore and the tube is gone. It was a simple cut of a stitch and a little pull of the tube. There was a sting, but Danny already feels much better without the head bandages on. He just said that on a scale from 1-10 his head is at a 3 right now. His pain meds come at 6 AM, noon, 5 PM, and 9 PM. He is off the pain button and has an emergency backup pill that he can take in between times.

OT just got here and Danny and him made paper airplanes. Danny’s flew straight and Ron’s, the OT, ran into the wall. He’s testing Danny, but Danny is above average as far as TBI patients are concerned and we don’t think that they realize that. Here is and example of a couple of questions and answers:

What happens if you get a flat tire while driving down the road?

Answer: Pull over and call AAA.

Let’s say you burn your hand with hot water what would you do?

Answer: Pour cold water on it, or google the answer…call my mom.

Danny just passed with flying colors! They are going to pull back on OT for the rest of his stay. This is great news because it’s his least favorite therapy. It doesn’t mean that it’s over with, but no more once a day.


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  1. Amy Says:

    Danny should go to NH and take Michelle with him….there wasn’t a button for that 🙂

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