Danny’s first Post!

February 2nd, 2011 by dctrauma

(Dictated by Danny to Conor) before you read this I want to make sure people know that Danny wanted his admin name to be DCTrauma and he wanted his category for posting to be DCTrauma Spills All. Those were his ideas, I wish I could take credit for such creativeness. Only Danny could be so creative even at a time like this. Without further ado…

Hi everyone,

Due to my 4th brain surgery in a month my head is pounding.

I have a tube in my stomach for eating. It won’t come out for another 2 weeks. It sucks. There is a hole in my neck from where the trache tube went in for breathing. I have roughly 45 staples between my stomach and head. There is a drain coming out of my head where the spinal fluid drips out into.

It hurts to read and look at the computer screen. Lights and the telephone both bother me. Even the beep of the the machines bothers me. I want to punch out the guy who runs the floor waxing machine. I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night to a nurse waiting to draw blood at 3 AM with a smile on her face. The anti clotting leggings drive me nuts. I frigging hate them! I haven’t showered in a month.

Old ladies in the ICU were really excited to bathe me and it was creepy as hell. So I faked an asthma attack to get out of it. I didn’t want to be washed by 2 50 year old women.

Ill be sure to write more tomorrow. If anyone has any questions for me post them here and I will answer them. Thanks for checking in and thanks so much for all your support.


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  1. bridget Says:

    Danny – you are hilarious! Awesome to hear from you … I would not want to be bathed by 2 50 year old women and I am 41! The hole in your neck will heal nicely – you’ll probably barely have a scar. Just be sure to cover it when you talk and cough … from the medical speech therapist in me … keep on healing and staying positive.
    Blessings to you from New Mexico

  2. annie Says:

    you sound like some Hawt Suppa to me!!!! here is my question – what is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of the hospital a)makeout with Michelle b) crack a brew c) take a shower d) all of the above

    keep up the awesome work Danny – you make half pipes and TBIs look easy!

  3. heather snow Says:

    omg…. this is amazing. im almost at a loss for words. Danny you are amazing, and with the support of many friends and your wonderful family and gf, you have come so far so soon. i know it probally seems like forever to you… but as someone who reads the posts daily, it seems like yesterday the news was spread about you DCT and your accident. and when it first came out, i wasnt sure what to think… i just prayed for you and family. but today i realize not only are you one of the greatest riders, but one of the strongest fighters. big ups to you Danny!

  4. Bobby Digital Says:

    Thanks for the huge smiles Danny. Brilliant posting! As I had been hoping for, none of your patented Toumarkine zing was damaged in the crash. You’re an inspiration Danny. As a fellow snowboarding without a helmet crash survivor, I’d like to welcome you to the club. Sorry I haven’t written any epic entries for the blog, I’ve been working 100hour+ weeks in the garden making some mighty fine medicine.

    I hear seasonin’ is great for healing staple holes FYI 😉

    Happy recovery DT and a billion blessings to the whole Conway clan too.

  5. Matt D Says:


    Friggin hilarious post man. That brings such a huge smile to my face reading that. I am so happy to see you about on the web whether it is here or on Facebook. I know you know that there are thousands of people following your story and are anxious to hear about your speedy recovery, but know that it there are more people that you don’t even know about that are following your story. I have had friends, co-workers, random peeps that I barely know ask me how you are doing. The support for your recovery is Fierce!

    Oh and per your Facebook post about how you want to go snowboarding and want anyone who can to do it and enjoy themselves (with helmets), well I want to let you know that Erik and I with a gang of other friends had an amazing time up at Vail this past weekend. We thought about you and discussed you a lot. I brought you up to the mountain with me. I don’t know if you knew this but you left a sweet hurley t-shirt at my house before you and Conor took off back home for Christmas. Anyways I was sporting that shirt up on the mountain, along with my tubular, and a few power bars that I had left over from your score from the Dew Tour. I hope you enjoyed the picture we sent in (Erik sent it in) of “Get Shredder Danny” in the untouched field of snow. Took some made skills to get our buddy high up in the tree to pop off that photo, and a hilarious, somewhat planned fall out of the tree. lol.

    Anyways dood, I know we all hear it from Michelle and Conor about how you are, but definitely let us hear from you how your spirits are with all of this, and what we can do to bring you up. Like I said you got thousands of peeps following all willing to help out at a drop of that hat. (sick hats by the way Michelle!) Don’t be afraid to ask, as we will be there for you all the way through!

    Take care buddy, chat with ya soon!


  6. Lori Learn Says:

    Awesome Danny!! This was the best day to get up and read this website. Conor and Michelle have done an excellent job writing. I read this several times throughout the day. You are amazing! When you were growing up you were very determined, and I see that has just grown with you.
    Thinking of you,

  7. Laurie Trapasso Pochelon Says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. When you’re 80, you’ll enjoy getting bathed by a 50 year old woman. LOL

    Keep up the good work Danny. Did you get the picture of you and Conor fishing with Rachelle and Nina? I sent it to your Mom.

  8. The Headbeggar Says:

    A whole lot of years ago some little kid used to hang around The Beggars Pouch Leather Shop. I used to jokingly call him “Dirty Dan”. Sounds like the name is finally starting to fit.

    Be warned……Do Not piss off any 50 year old women. I am currntly sleeping with a 57 yr old woman who is keeping me more than happy in many many ways. You’ll understand when you hit 57.

    It sure is great to see you start bitching about things. It’s a sure sign of recovery. Keep up the bitching Dan, and Welcome Back !!!!!

    Mike + Rene

  9. Cathy (Brown)Surette Says:

    Danny and all,

    You don’t know me right now, but when you were born to about 4 your mom and I hung out a lot!! It was such a shock to hear of this accident… but I remembered this adventurous little boy with his big ideas and knew that if anyone could pull of an amazing recovery it would be you.
    Your support system has been in place long before Conor was even born and it’s still in place right now… so reach out and use it as you continue this journey.

    Ellen, I have missed you over the years and I hope you have felt all the love and hugs everyone has been sending to you. I can’t wait to make a journey back up to the valley and laugh and hug you in person.

    Conor and Michelle, You are the bomb, too!! Nice to hear that you are finally taking a breath and getting some real rest now. All that you write is true, you have to get back to who you are. Keep taking the one step at a time approach and all you want will happen.

    Finally, like everyone has said, Thank you for your determination to keep this site updated with everything you needed to say and we needed to hear.

    Looking forward to the future news from all of you.

  10. Kathy (Josh's Mom) Says:

    The sweetest words I could ever hear! Welcome back, Danny, you’re doing great and who knows maybe one day you’ll get to take a swing at the guy who’s waxing the floors! Next time be sure and tell us how you really feel about 50 year old women – you little whipper-snapper! LOL! Love you kid!

  11. Nina Trapasso Says:

    So happy to hear your words. I’ve pretty much read millions of words over the past month. Some of people I know, many that I do not. Most that were happy and hopeful, some that were sad and scary. I remember reading a post about your asthma and thinking how aweful that must be to not be able to tell someone. Now to hear all you want was not to be bathed by a 50 year old woman. Keep us posted on everything and I want to hear all about your first day out of the hospital

  12. Polly Allyn Says:

    Danny…so great to hear form you….I got a big kick out of “OLD” being 50!…..just wait:) Love you, Auntie Polly

  13. Kris Says:

    Danny thanks for you hilarious words! Im pretty convinced your a cross between Walter Mathau and Charlie Sheen!! keep your spirits high and know we are all out here saying prayers for a speedy recovery! Stay strong Conor and Michele!

    Prayers from Foxboro~

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Can danny speak now?

  15. Alex Ware Says:

    So cool to read what’s going on in your head.
    Would you feel better about bathing if it was in the hands of a 25 year old babe? Just wondering. I got a hospital bath like that once. Ask me about it someday.

  16. Carol Says:

    Danny, Danny, Danny….welcome back!!!!!! We have all missed you!
    And it’s classic Danny to fake an asthma attack to get out of being bathed by the senior set!

  17. Sarah Keyser Says:

    Danny it’s great to hear “you” speaking. I can’t say enough about your posse taking such good care to keep all of us updated along the way, as rough as the news was to stomach-it felt better knowing what was going on. There were many reasons why I chose not to take a job in the ICU physical therapy department….several of them included assists with bathing/changing patients when the patients were too big for the LNA’s to lift by themselves, possibly pulling out a necessary tube by accident, and managing those god-awful anti clot stockings and johnnies. And so I wish along with you for the day when you can say “laterrrrrrrrrr” to the hospital setting and recover at home with your choice of shower time, no tubes, and whether or not you continue wearing stockings is entirely up to you 😉 It’s in style these days….who knows!!
    Take care 🙂

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