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February 1st, 2011 by Conor

Hey Danny and Everyone else reading this, I got a good Danny story from 2009…

I met Danny 2 winters ago. I was settling in the Tahoe area after
college and I had the good fortune of clicking on a craigslist ad for
a $400 room for rent, utilities included. It wouldn’t be till much
later that I realized the true value of staying at 12906 Pinnacle
Loop, living with good people, Danny being the leader. That winter
went from good to great when I started hanging out with Danny. Trips
to Taco Bell, and making fun of each other when we couldn’t figure out
Mickey’s Hand Grenade bottle cap word puzzles were some of the little
things that really bonded us as friends. The story I want to tell is
about a game called SCOTLAND…

The game is played with a group of people, three bottle caps each, a
large goblet and plenty of drinks. Everyone puts zero to three bottle
caps in their fist and holds it in the middle. Then a round of
guessing takes place, everyone guesses a sum of the total bottle caps
in the middle, hidden by the fists. After everyone guesses, a total
is added up. If you guess correctly, you put some of your drink in
the goblet and you’re out, that’s good. If no one guesses correctly
you do a cheers for Scotland and drink a sip. Eventually the game
gets down to two people, with a large goblet full of cheap beer for
the loser. The game was an instant hit when I introduced it,
especially to Danny.

When we first started playing, Danny was hosting 3 or 4 kids from The
University of Utah on a shred trip to Tahoe. Now, most of the people
reading this know that Danny is a creative kid, and he put his own
twist on this game. When the final two are heads up, the winner of
that match up, instead of putting in more beer, can add any liquid in
the house. People who know Danny, knows he is one of the luckiest
kids out there, so this disgusting rule didn’t effect him at all
because he never lost! Everyone else was drinking hot sauce, maple
syrup and ranch with their beer, Danny was laughing it up. We played
that game many times throughout the winter, and it just proves that
Danny was a special kid who could beat the odds and avoid the goblet.

This recovery time is another way Danny can show everyone how special
he is. While I haven’t seen Danny since the accident, from what I’ve
read it sounds like he is doing exactly that, beating the odds and
leaving a positive impression on everyone at the hospital. I hope you
enjoyed reading this, as I enjoyed reliving the memories, thanks
Danny, get better soon.

Much love,

Mark D.

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