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February 1st, 2011 by Conor

I’ve written once before when Danny first suffered his injury. I thought it would be nice to contribute some more. Although I may not know Danny, his family or friends, I understand what you all are going through. I went through this back in March of 2004 with my best friends older brother who is like my brother. My best friend lives in Missouri and was only able to stay for very minimal time. I made a promise to her that I’d be there everyday until he was released. I even put off moving back east to Boston to attend school until he was better. I stood by my promise. He was hit by a drunk driver going 75 mph as he was walking across the street and it literally knocked him out of his shoes, and suffered a TBI along with some other serious injuries. I remember my best friend telling me what to expect when I returned home from a trip to Boston. Nothing can prepare you for that. Tubes, machines, beeping noises, drs, nurses and all the abundance of tests. Staring at the same machine you all stared at watching the pressure, and watching the numbers jump up and down for days it felt like.

Over the weeks and months he was in ICU, PCU and eventually finally into the rehabilitation hospital I would see great leaps and bounds. As all you guys there that were worried about Dannys writing, we were worried if he was still able to draw. When we gave him a pen and paper and asked him to draw, we were all amazed and felt a little bit better about everything that had gone on.

Danny has come SO far and has made such HUGE leaps and bounds these past 3 weeks. With everyone by his side for support makes such a huge difference. I was so happy to read he will be eventually back on a snowboard, where he belongs! I’m on this site everyday checking on any new posts about Dannys recovery. Danny your in my thoughts and prayers along with everyone else who stands by you! You are such an inspirational person inside and out. You’re a strong willed, motivated person who knows what he wants. This is helping speed up your recovery.

I’ve purchased a bracelet (wish I could contribute more, but funds don’t let me at the moment being right in the middle of moving out of state) and I ROCK it everyday!! I am proud to wear it!! Anything to show my support in your recovery! This is the time people need to show some extra love and support. Danny may be in the fast lane to recovery, but he still needs everything he can get from anyone reading this site. There’s still a long road ahead with lots more leaps and bounds to conquer.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes from the west coast!!


Much Love,

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