January 30th, 2011 by Conor

The doctor is 80% sure that he is going to have to do another surgical procedure on Danny. There is a small fluid buildup underneath Danny’s skull that has accumulated since his last CT scan on the 25th. The doctor thinks that this is playing a part in Danny’s sever headaches. They are going to do another scan at the beginning of the week, but if things stay on course than they will be putting a drain in his head on Tuesday afternoon. This will probably delay our departure by 2 -3 days from what we were looking at before- which was unknown exactly. Hopefully that 20% will prevail and the surgery wont have to happen, chances are it will though. Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Update”

  1. David Soroka Says:

    Danny hang in there buddy, Im hoping for that 20% for you.

  2. Nate P Says:

    I got 5 on that 20% Dave.

    But, if that 80% solution is what it takes… This doctor seems to really know what he’s up to in this department. Noticing a tiny hiccup now could actually be a good thing. Make sure all systems are ready for the road before slapping the inspection sticker on, ya know?

    I’m still doing a solid Take 5 everyday and countless moments in between.

    Keep keeping us posted with posting. <—How's that for a sentence? hahaha

  3. kate Says:

    thinking of you Danny, may the Force be with you…xox

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