Good Things to Come – Tom Jannuzzi

January 27th, 2011 by Conor

There is a great feeling coming from all over the ICU. Danny’s condition is rapidly improving and the nursing staff has taken a turn for the better. Moods are more upbeat and time spent with Danny is beginning to go from nervous and anxious to mellow and fun. The three other friends who came to support Danny and lift his spirits left early in the morning before I awoke. They’ve got a long 16 hour drive back to Tahoe but are leaving with what feels like a great weight lifted off of their shoulders. The memories and great bonds that were created with them here in Great Falls, Montana won’t be forgotten. Once again Danny has brought together another great group of people and created a bond amongst us.

I am extremely excited for Danny to move from the ICU, (Intensive Care Unit), to the PCU, (Progressive Care Unit). This is great news for Danny and all of us following Danny because it means that his health is improving and he is getting better. Danny will be moving first thing tomorrow morning. All the get well cards and signs will be packed up and brought down to the fourth floor. The decorations I put up will be re-hung and placed accordingly in my absence. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning so tonight will be my last night here in Great Falls with Danny.

I know first hand how hard it has been for everyone trying to follow Danny and his process through the surgeries on the blog. The first couple of weeks were the hardest, when things with Danny were the worst, and updates just didn’t seem like they were coming fast enough. I remember how I wanted to know every little detail but felt helpless from the other side of the country. I was constantly wondering and worrying how Danny was doing and having doubts in the beginning if he was even going to make it at all. Things began to improve drastically for Danny, which helped ease my mind, but didn’t help the fact that I wasn’t here with him. Now that I am here I don’t ever want to leave, but unfortunately must tend to my own life back home.

Like our friends who ventured off this morning, I too will have a feeling of relief when I leave here tomorrow. Knowing just how much better Danny is doing since my first day at Benefis Hospital gives me hope that things will only get better from here on out. The staff and Danny’s family have done such an amazing job helping get Danny this far in his healing. Now the rest of the healing is on Danny. This is when he will finally be able to acknowledge all the efforts you people have been making. This is the time when it is up to him to work hard and this is when he will need our support the most. We all know that he can do it. Now we we need to keep continuing to support Danny so that he knows it too. Keep going Danny, your almost there man.

– TommyJ

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  1. Sean Guinard Says:

    Daniel Son!
    I just went on a couple day camping trip with no technology besides an Ipod and some speakers.. The thought of our over night trips to Kearsarge and Glen Boulder were constantly on the mind.. The better half of my music was straight out of your vintage track list..I have slowly got away from “Kids” playing every forth song haha, but it still makes a frequent visit to the speakers! Listening to this music made me think about how much fun it is going to be to duplicate these trips in the future! Hearing your progress has put the biggest smile on my face and a feeling of pure relief.
    When this all started I was put back in time to my fathers incident and tried to remember how I dealt emontionally with everything. I struggle still to this day to fully remember the 3 months that he laid in a coma with the bad news constantly coming my way. I simply remember the day I saw him awake and talking for the first time. I knew then things were on there way being ok again. Granted he thought he was 2 weeks out of the army (hadn’t been in the army for over 20 years), He was joking like usual and knew who we were ( my brother and myself). From that day on his recovery continued foward every day.
    These last few weeks have been tough for everyone, you Daniel Son, your family, and your countless friends around the world. The hard work that everyone has done to support you will never be forgotten. But the days everyone will find themselves remembering will be the days to come of getting such a great friend back in their lives. Your strength in “dominating life” will ultimately bring you to the top again. As you fight your way back, know that some things will come easy and others not so much. In the tough times you have people coming from all angles willing to push you through to the next challenge.
    Being in Australia has opened my eyes to the world beyond NOCO.. You helped push me to getting to this point. I will not lie when I say I never want to leave this place and wish you could be down hear in your recovery time. But that being said I am looking foward to coming home in a couple months and hanging out with you and the crew! I’ll be keen for whatever stage heavy activity your ready for… whether it b stuffing our face with cheddar rice cakes and FRANKS redhot, playing wii or a trip down the riv….With you I wouldn’t be suprised what you’ll be ready to do!

    Keep Charging Daniel Son! Miss and Love ya big guy!

    Chauncey Bueeeyyy!!

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