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January 26th, 2011 by Conor

I wrote a quick lil blurb when I first heard about Danny’s accident. But when I was writing it…I really wasn’t sure what to say (and im still not sure now). So many thoughts and emotions had instantly filled my head. Since the web page went up…I have continually been on it…checking updates…reading memories…and trying to wrap a finger around my own feelings. I have known Danny since I was in 7th Grade…him in 8th…We used to hang around within the same circle. I have a lot of memories of Danny from back than…some involving Danny’s infamous laugh and others involving heart break from my huge crush on Danny and not having him all to myself. But I moved away from Conway when I graduated from Kennett…and lost touch with a lot of people (Danny being one of them)….some I don’t give a second thought (no names..but sorry its true)…others I wonder why I let this happen. When Danny got in this accident I could not come to grips with the fact that on multiple occasions I had accidentally “butt dialed” Danny’s phone number and frantically tried to hang up the phone as quickly as I could possibly move my fingers, in hopes he didn’t pick up. Now, I find out than Danny has been hurt….Night after night I would sit and wonder why the hell didn’t I just let it ring and let him pick up and explain it was an accident but let the catch up happen anyways…I got some good advice from a very noble man (Conor *cough cough*) who told me not to dwell on something like that and to just make sure that when Danny gets better and past all of this…to make sure I call him and say hello. I know this will be exactly what I will do. It is so sad that such a tragic event has to happen to make you realize these things…..

I am not a person to show any emotion…in any way…So words about this whole situation and how I felt wont come in this post. But there hasn’t been a day that I have gone without looking at the web page for updates on Danny’s progress…usually multiple times a day…I never wanted to miss a beat. The updates recently have been absolutely amazing. Danny is such a strong person and no one could have pulled through as quickly and as well as he is doing. Conor you are a hero to me. Danny is lucky to have such an amazing brother. Thank you so much for all you have done..its indescribable… and for keeping everyone updated on Danny’s progress. Michelle… I have never met you but I feel like in some way I know you now…as im sure many might say. But you are an amazing girlfriend and person all together. Danny, Conor, Michelle, and the Toumarkine family…you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. You have stuck in this incredibly tough situation (and still have a long ways to go) but you all have made it through the scariest part. Keep up the strength and determination. Danny is so very lucky to have a family like you right by his side.

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