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January 25th, 2011 by Conor

Holy crap what great news to hear Danny’s surgery went so well- Everyday he seems to be getting stronger and stronger and stronger which is of course is $%*@$% AWESOME!

I really haven’t seen you guys in a couple years but like most people I’m EAGERLY watching the updates, I’m addicted to reading this webpage multiple times a day and reading just about every post out loud to my husband and mom who are also cheering you on Danny!

I think about you guys daily having to spend hour after hour in that hospital, obviously the last place on earth any of you want to be – the 3 amigos you are… and by the way, Michelle and Conor you should be told- you are pretty much TOP NOTCH on the brother and girlfriend scale! High-five for being kick ass!

Conor, thanks for starting this webpage and for keeping everyone posted on the progress on this obviously much loved kid, stud muffin, kick ass friend, ridiculously talented rider, your baby brother, Danny Boy. The progress he’s making is definitely moving in the right direction and is good news.

I have a baby brother Danny boy too – you guys and us are exactly the same age, obviously you know this, we grew up together -Still to this day just like you guys we consider the mountains our playground. I guess thats what growing up in North Conway instills in you 🙂 When the snow falls we are never pissed like some snow-haters, but the exact opposite and ready and eager to get on the mountains and play. My Danny was just telling me last night word for word that Danny T is “DISGUSTING” on a board! Love the lingo don’t cha? The bond you have with your brother is obviously a strong one and you are both lucky to have such an amazing relationship…(even if he doesn’t want you bed side all the time and wants alone time with the lady!) 🙂

I felt like I just wanted to send more good thoughts from me, Danny and Casey your way from New Hampshire- Wishing you a fast recovery and hoping you’ll be home in no time. Danny- there certainly is a lot of love in this world for you!

By the way- Thank you so much for making the video “how to pick up chicks” It is absolutely HILARIOUS!

Lots of love,

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