Words. Tito Gainza

January 25th, 2011 by Conor

I just got out of Danny room and I can’t explain in my shity English all the feelings that came to my mind when I saw him. When I first saw him I almost broke down, is so hard to see a friend in that situation, but when Danny look at us and smile it change everything, I thought to myself, yeah he is back.
When all this happened I was on the other side of the world, in Argentina and it was so hard being that far and not knowing what the hell is going on. And now after flying from Argentina to Reno for 20 hours and driving 17 hours to Montana I got to see him, I feel such a relive. Danny is doing good, I know now that he’ll be back with us sooner than what we thought.

I met Danny last season in Tahoe, we where roomates and we got along really good from the moment he enter the house. The first week in the house he got a big box full of goggles from anon and he came up to me making fun of my accent and asked me if I want a pair of goggles, I knew the guy for 3 days and he was already giving his stuff away, that’s how Danny is, he gives, he is one of the most generous persons I know. That’s how it was the whole season, hey men take my car, or use my board , or grapp any of my stuff when ever you want. We had such a great time. First time I rode with Danny I was so impress, He is so good!!! Such a natural talented rider, issaaa mazinggg!!

Then the season finish and I had to go back to Argentina. Last year was definitely the worst of my life, 5 days after I got back from Tahoe to Argentina my sister die on a car accident in Austria. Danny meet her cause she came and visit while I was in Tahoe. I can’t putt in words how it feels to lose somebody you love so much. Danny was with me the whole way, he send me so much love and support, and I’ll never gonna forget that. I know Danny suffered with me for my lost and that he would have done anything on his hands to help me out. That’s what friendship it’s all about, friends like this are family.
All I’ll like to say to Danny right know is thanks for everything, I can’t wait for some sarcastic jokes. You are family, I love you men!!


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