Words. On Tour with Malinski Part 4

January 24th, 2011 by Conor

As I sit in another hotel lobby preparing for another trip in the truck I can’t help but wish I was going somewhere else. I’m headed back home to Colorado for x games and you’d think I’d be really excited. I’m not. All of this driving has frustrated me cause all I really want for my birthday would be to spend five minutes with my boy DCT. So stoked Tom made it. I haven’t met you Tom but I’ve heard your name from Danny many times. Pumped on all you have done for him and continue to do. I wake up early for demo days, but this morning I was unable to sleep in. I woke up thinking about Danny right away. Pretty sure I was dreaming about some of our fun times fireside behind the demo center this summer. I know you’re coming back to us Danny because of your strong spirit. Once again, thank you Connor and Michelle for putting a smile on my face everytime I feel like crying. I hope when Danny wakes up today his shred sticks are there to make him smile. One last thanks to everyone that is visiting and contributing to this space. It’s awesome to know that so many people out there think and care about Danny like I do. We’ll be in tahoe in two weeks and I hope while I’m there to hear of DCT triumphant return home. Love you Danny!



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