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January 23rd, 2011 by Conor

Beer Staff Night at the Toumarkines

Let me start by saying that I am completely obsessed with checking this site. Phone, computer, other peoples computers…..always. I guess in an odd way it was tough for me to write something before knowing Danny was going to be ok. I cant totally say why I felt this way, or if it was right or wrong, but for being selfish in just reading everyday, I apologize. All I could think and talk to people about was that I prayed he was going to be the same old Danny. After following progress, I cant even describe how happy I am that his personality and sense of humor are still same ol’ same ol’. Everything else will come…hard work and dedication, yes….We know this wont be a problem for DCT.

When Danny was 16 I remember meeting him at Cranmore. I had been riding for for roughly 6 years at the time and was awestruck but this skinny little kid absolutely tearing up the south slope during a night sesh. I knew of him prior, but never met. Danny was decked out from head to toe in the best/newest gear as usual. I actually remember him wearing some jacket with fur around the hood and thinking that it was semi homo, but I guess if anyone could make it look good, it was Danny. Leaving the mountain he proceeds to get into his car, which at the time was a red blazer with beefed out tires and a thule rack up top. He puts his window down with some solid music blaring and throws up the horns to say “take it easy.” As Im walking back to my car Im thinking to myself, “this kid is like 12 and way fucking cooler than I am….awesome.”

After that time, Id run into him from time to time on the mountain and he was always a joy to watch ride/ride with. We werent too close away from the hill…mostly bc of the age gap at the time Im guessing… but some years passed, as did college, and I would make random island or basement party trips with Soroka to hang out with DCT, Conor, Belcher, etc. A couple more years later, I moved home from the cape and we began to hang out a lot more….Riding, golf, just whatever….It was something I always looked forward to….I mean, who doesnt enjoy having a ball and laughing their ass off all day?

As said in some previous entries, Danny is always one to push you…in a friend way of course, but he likes to push you to do things you dont think you can do for whatever reason. Last winter he got me to hit some random gap jump over the edge of the pipe at attitash. I cant say it ended well but in a way, I was glad I hit it (ask Corey Madden about that digger if you know him. He was on the lift). Always getting me to get off my ass and go do something fun, that is what I have appreciated the most about Danny…. I cant say I have any one “fondest” memory, but I will say that all the good times and laughs will always be remembered and still looked forward to. I will continue to spend some of my time in the Spring trying to convince him to come home as early as possible, and will continue to be let down when he says to me “prob a couple more weeks dude”

Fun day we had last summer…Taken in the basement of 1080 snowboard shop while working on a sticker project with danny. I called him over and he found it necessary to snap a pic…

Danny and Conor, that trip we made out last year was absolutely one of the most fun trips Ive ever been on. Just a few highlights:
– “Casually” drinking a keg in 2 days (then of course going to buy another one to actually party with)
– Carrying home a family of wooden bears from Tahoe City after an amazing night at the bars.
– absolutely shitting all over bobby on video for missing out on the most epic powder day of the trip (sorry bob)
– Conor unexpectedly catching me on camera bitching about how bad my feet killed from being on my toe edge for like 37 minutes straight
– Cooking out on a bluebird day at Squaw in a bunch of ridiculous outfits.
– Guinard buying like 16 shots of warm Captain Moes at some bar in South Lake when the last thing any of us wanted to look at was booze…..nevermind warm shots.
– Trying to sneak away from the party, passing out on dannys room floor, then having him find me, proceed to grab like 8 people to observe and shit on me, and catch it on cam.
– Dance contest win at cabo wabo to go along with $2 shots and coronas.

This list could go on and on…..But thank you both again. Never once did you bitch or complain about a thing….its not always the easiest thing to cater to 5 guys for a week.

Danny, I look forward to your speedy recovery. Once that is all out of the way, we will high five until our hands bruise per usual. I cant wait to be out on links with you again man, even if you beat me and yell out random obscenities on the green whilst draining a 30 ft putt.

Be easy bro,

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