Sock Monkey Update

January 23rd, 2011 by Conor

Conor pretty much covered all the bases with his post about tonight. It was quite the eventful night with a lot of interaction. One thing that I thought was worth adding to his post was a comment he made after being treated for the asthma. The lung specialist was reading what Danny was typing on my computer and after they had assessed the situation Danny typed “the sock monkey will help.” He has become attached to his teddy bear and the new addition, that his mom brought back from NH, is the sock monkey. We now have two little sock monkeys (thanks Maaah and Megamo). Danny definitely hasn’t lost his sense of humor.


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  1. Cathy (Brown)Surette Says:

    Movie to watch…..50 First dates…..very funny and inspirational.

    Like so many around the world, sending healing, peaceful energy to all of you everyday. 🙂

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