Stay Positive

January 22nd, 2011 by MIchelle

It’s 1:16 AM. I’m at “home” in the Great Falls Inn. Again thinking about Danny. He fell asleep watching Harry and the Hendersons while I sat next to him holding his hand. With the 24 hour babysitter it’s tough to get some alone time with Danny now. As much as it is necessary, I also feel like between Conor and I we’ve got the night shift covered. There are things you would do and say with your boyfriend that you wouldn’t do or say in front of someone else. It’s kind of awkward with someone sitting in the corner of the room being attentive to every movement Danny makes. All for the better though. If it will prevent Danny from any of his escapes then I’m okay with that. I certainly don’t want that to happen again.

This website and the outpouring of support, love, and compassion is astonishing. It’s mind blowing. It’s something we should do everyday.

We should…

…show our love and support to all of our family and friends.

…be there for people and listen to them when they are down.

…bring them up and try as hard as we can to put a smile on their face.

…cherish every waking moment of life and especially moments spent with those you love.

…remind them that they are loved and that no matter what happens they will have a friend by there side.

This list could go on for days and days, but I think you get the point. It’s a shame that it takes something so life altering to bring these feelings up sometimes, but it’s a blessing that we still have today and tomorrow to be there for Danny and to do all of these things for him. You still have today to do the same for your family and friends. Aside from the obvious lesson learned from this accident, to wear a helmet, there are many more lessons that I am learning, as I’m sure you are too.

I noticed myself smiling more at strangers when I pass them on the walk to the hospital or in the hospital. It’s not always well received on the 5th floor where the ICU is. Sometimes I walk away feeling bad that I smiled from their reaction, but I understand. I don’t think I looked any strangers in the eye for a week after January 3rd.

One day when i was getting in the elevator at the Great Falls Inn a woman introduced herself to me and told me that she was having a very hard time because someone close to her was sick. I got in the elevator with her and her family and she just grabbed me and gave me a big hug. When the elevator stopped at level two I had to pull away and get out. All I could say was, “stay positive.”

Last night when I arrived in the waiting area for the ICU I saw a family sleeping on the floor. It made my heart sink remembering the night I slept there. I hope their family member gets to give them a hand squeeze and a faint smile again. It’s such an amazing feeling, that hand squeeze. It makes time stop and your heart overfill with happiness, promise, and passion.

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings.


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  1. annie Says:

    so, so true Michelle 🙂 hope someday to meet you – you are an amazing person and you are both so lucky to have one another. xo

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