Yummy drinks at Flat Bread

January 21st, 2011 by Conor

These “DCT” drink specials were smooth smooth, from Flatbread Jan 20.

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  1. Tom Eastman Says:


    I spoke with Conor briefly this morning but need further information. I have a few questions for a story I would like to write for the Sun:
    1. How old is Danny?
    2. Where does he live now–he was raised in Eaton, correct?
    3. What is his job? Pro snowboarder for whom?
    4. How many snowboarding films has he been in/ For whom does he ride?
    5. When is the fund-raiser at Flatbread?
    6. What is the latest update on Danny’s condition?

    Thank you, and my best to young Danny!

    Tom Eastman
    The Conway Daily Sun

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