Cuddle Buddy

January 20th, 2011 by MIchelle

It’s 2:24 PM. Usually I’m sleeping right now, but today I made it in early. I walked in this afternoon to him snuggled up with his stuffed bear. It’s absolutely adorable. I don’t want to gush about it and I usually am the last of my girlfriends to use the word “cute,” but really, you’ve got to see this. Even Doctor Gorsuch had a good laugh when he walked in to Danny and his cuddle buddy. It’s is funny and cute at the same time.

About an hour ago Danny had his physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments. They stayed for about forty five minutes until Danny was too dizzy and over it. The physical therapist did some upper and lower body simple workouts; raising his hands above his head, lifting his legs up one at a time, and tossing a ball back and forth. The occupational therapist had Danny write his name, the year, and different colors that she held up on a piece of paper. I watched anxiously to see how his writing was and to my surprise it was perfect.

The only area that I’ve found Danny to be struggling a bit with is his short term memory. If I ask him questions about yesterday, sometimes he’ll remember and other times he’ll look at me confused. From what I gather, he is doing absolutely amazing in all areas for this stage of recovery. Everyone is impressed. This includes myself. We had no idea what the extent the injury would effect him, but it’s been surprising everyday to watch Danny improve.

Although there are times that Danny might seemed bummed out or over being strapped down to the bed, there are also many time throughout the day that I feel like Danny is dealing with this as best as you could expect. He’ll smile if something funny happens and make everyone smile with him. Today he made us all laugh when the therapist joked about being left out and Danny passed him the ball instead of me. That’s probably a bad example, but it shows he still has his sense of humor.

At the risk of sounding too mushy in this post, I will also say that he still makes me blush multiple times a day. I had to include this stuff because I have to give him credit for all of the positives. The doctor also mentioned that the fact he is having these complex emotions shows that he is still capable of having them and that is yet another positive. All in all today has been a good day. He’s finally getting some sleep now and I haven’t had to hold him back from trying to escape yet, which he didn’t remember from yesterday. I really wish you guys could see him and that teddy bear!


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  1. Diane Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful update Michelle. I (along with hundreds of others I’m sure) thought of you (and Danny, Conor, their Mom and their Dad) throughout the day. I’m thrilled that Danny is getting some rest and also feel confident that you and Conor will sleep well tonight. Take care and we all look forward to your next post!!!

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