And The Winner Is…

January 20th, 2011 by Conor

Danny wasn’t in much of a good mood to begin with so I certainly wasn’t gonna try to push him to video it. Even though I had only planned on videoing his hand it just wasn’t gonna happen. He reached his hand into the bed and pulled about 8 names out. several fell into his bed (so I guess some of you ladies still kinda won) and then there were 3. Michelle spread the three names out for him and he settled on Stephanie Rawson. Until next time. More fun hospital raffles to come.

2 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Meagan Adams Says:

    Definitely more raffles! The suspense had me refreshing all afternoon!

    I’m sorry Danny seems to be suck in a bad mood. Hopefully he’ll be able to tell you soon enough what you can do to make him more comfortable. I also hope he’s not planning an escape 🙂 Sending good vibes to you, Conor, Michelle, and the whole Toumarkine fam!

  2. Lisa Strotman Says:

    I was doing the same, I don’t even know how much I was working! And so close, I see my name in there twice! Next time!!
    Stay Strong and Positive Vibes will continue to rub off! No one can frown at a smile for too long!

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