Words. Tara Watt

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

I hung out with Danny quite a bit in high school. I don’t think I have seen him in at least 2 years now. When I think about Danny it makes me want to smile because he is such a good person and all the memories I have had with him are truly funny! I can remember one spring day Sarah Martin and I were hanging out with Danny and we were talking about an upcoming lacrosse match that they had and Sarah and I went to a lot of the matches together to support the team. Danny was all excited about it as usual and he was like “hey!!! why don’t you guys make a sign for me and bring it to the game.” Sarah and I were avid sign makers for our fellow Kennett Eagles sports teams and we were all for it. This sign was one of my favorites and probably the only one that I can still remember to this day. With it being Danny and all we knew we could get creative with it. Once the game started and we got there we were on the sidelines with our sign waving it in the air proud. I’ll never forget the look on Danny’s face when he looked over at us to read it. Kind of a blank stare like WTF…….shortly followed by a “danny smile and laugh.” Our sign read “DANNY T, NUMBER 3, WILL YOU PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!!” We later made it into a song and to this day it still makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face, hopefully it will do the same when Danny reads this. Danny, I cant wait to reunite one day (hopefully soon) and tell stories about the funny/stupid stuff we did in high school. Thinking about you daily and cant wait till the day we can talk/meet up again! Much love!!!!!!!


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