Spaghetti IVs

January 19th, 2011 by MIchelle

It’s 6:47 AM. I just got home from the night shift. Danny didn’t sleep much at all tonight. As many times as I asked him to try, he just didn’t seem comfortable or content enough to sleep. If it’s not the cuffs on his legs to prevent blood clots, it’s the spaghetti mess of IVs wrapped around his right arm. If it’s not the humidifier that makes a loud gurgling noise and attaches to his tracheostomy hole, it’s the catheter. There is so much going on, so many tubes and wires attached to him, and all of that is on top of not having a quarter of his skull in his head. Wild. I probably wouldn’t be sleeping either. Even if he does fall asleep there’s something to be done nearly every hour. Draw blood for labs, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, occupationally therapy, nuero exam, shift change. Phew, I need a break. I asked Danny if he was overwhelmed and he shook his head yes. There’s always something going on, even when he sleeps. This is all just progression though. It’s tough, but it’s necessary.

I’m off to sleep, I hope I don’t hear the ventilator in my dreams.


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