24 Hour Raffle for Michelle’s 7th Hat

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

For Michelle’s 7th hat we are going to change it up a little bit. We are going to raffle off this hat and Danny will be choosing the winner. Here is what is going to go down. For the next 24 hours you can buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win one of Michelle’s hats. We will put all the names into a hat and then have Danny pick one tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. You can enter as many times as you want. Each ticket that you purchase is another chance to win. We will video the drawing and post it tomorrow morning if it seems appropriate. If not we will take a bunch of photos. Thanks to Maura Garrity for inspiring this awesome ide

Here’s the 7th one. It’s Awesome.

$10.00 per ticKet

3 Responses to “24 Hour Raffle for Michelle’s 7th Hat”

  1. Drew D Says:

    Another amazing idea. Stoked about all the ideas flowing from ppl everywhere.

  2. Nate Perley Says:

    Got mine and I want that hat!! Gonna echo Drew too; these ideas are awesome.

  3. Maura Garrity Says:

    The hats are awesome and the raffle will give everyone a chance to contribute and win something pretty sweet!

    Hope Danny picks meeee…

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