Words. Joe Gossi

January 18th, 2011 by Conor

I might not know Danny but from what I’ve read, seen from ST and being a fellow brother of shred.. but for some reason and I
can’t put my finger on it….I feel connected to Danny. His energy is infectious, his demeanor one that everyone wants, and his
skills immaculate (riding and video). I don’t know if i’ll ever get the chance to meet Danny, but I sit here and pray that his
recovery is one that allows Danny to get back to being able to share the love and joy his family and friends and maybe a miracle
to ride again! I will continue to pray for you guys as well as Danny and may God send his love and grace to Danny and all of you
guys! Get Shredder Danny…you’re the bomb!!!!

Joe Gossi -Boise, Idaho

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