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January 18th, 2011 by Conor

The whole sweatshirt story invoked some funny memories from when Danny would drop into various Shred residences I lived in, and spend a few nights on the couch.

It all started in Burlington Vermont where I was living in the downtown area and attending college. Danny, being a Burton rider, would often come to the area for events or to stop by the Burton headquarters. In the meantime, we’d party, exchange music, or just lounge. When all was said and done, Danny would leave and I would be enriched not only with good vibes, but new music, shred video’s, and to Danny’s sheer terror…a sick new sweatshirt!

We all know that Danny is the Freshest of Fresh, the Sultan of Swag, the Steeziest…you get it. I mean, the kid started a clothing company in college school called “Fligi” (pronounced Fly-Guy) which was not only repped by 100% of his friends, but also represented a lifestyle…to be that guy who is killing it and looking good doing it. So when he was coming to my neighborhood…game on!

The Tactic: Inflict Confusion upon DCT.

Upon receiving information that DCT would be sweeping through my vicinity for a few days, I would trash my room intentionally (99% of the time it was already trashed unintentionally), as to create an atmosphere of dysfunction as well as to disorientate . This tactic was bulletproof. He would stay, do whatever needed to be done in my neck of the woods, live amongst filth for a few days, and peace. That was the routine.

The Cleanup: Digging for Gold Babay!

Good times ensued, Danny would leave, then BAM! i’d not only clean my room, but find nuggets of swag within the chaos! These said nuggets of swag were most commonly zip up hoodies with vibrant colors that matched only the finest rare tropical birds of the Galapagos…

The Purpose: Now Danny had left hoodies in my Casa twice, once in Burlington, and once in Salt Lake City while he was visiting. And as malicious as my Tactics and Cleanup may seem, rest assured, I never really snuck one under Danny’s belt, Nor would I want to. The best part about this whole operation was the phone call I would receive not 4 hours after Danny had returned home, only to do an inventory on his gear, and realize that his finest Gnar accessory was missing amongst the rubble of my room. “Dude! I think I left my Hoody! You know the turquoise one with magenta infused swirls and a platinum zipper that zips over your head!!!!!” me: “Oh…I know exactly the one…” (sly grin). I’d wait a week and a half then Fed Ex it back.

End Result: People that knew me would see me in the freshest hoody I have ever worn and be like “wow…I didn’t know you had the potential to rise to such Freshness” i’d say “yeah you know” casually, then send the sweatshirt back to Danny, and all these people around me would be like “what just happened?” So there really is no moral and it’s a silly story, but it involves Danny and one of his many innate talents…to be the Flyest Guy I know.

~ Chris Rogers

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