Thoughts From the Graveyard Shift

January 18th, 2011 by Conor

Well everyone, it was an interesting night here on the late shift. Danny is awake a decent amount now but he still can’t mouth words. It’s hard because you can only have a one way conversation for so long. And the communications and questions have to be solved with a head nod or a thumbs up. So, obviously communication is pretty limited.

I started showing off some of the things that have been sent to Danny from around the room. He really liked the snowboarding moose that was sent in from Tara Watt. That lasted the longest I think. He clutched it in his hand for a good 20 minutes. I showed him how fun it could be to have the moose trick his way around his bed. He got quite a kick out of that.

Another favorite was the solar powered flower sent in by our cousin Sarah Allyn. You should have seen his face when we said “Hey Danny, wait till you see the solar powered flower.” His reaction was pretty similar to the one I got last night when I asked him if he wanted to keep the furry foot boots. He looked confused/intrigued/no-freakin’way-where-did-that-come-from-what-aren’t-we-selling-these-and-making-millions. Well maybe not the last one. But who the heck knows.

Which leads me into my next thought. It’s hard to tell what he knows, but he does certainly knows that something is very very wrong. When he looks around the room he looks like he is looking a lot further than the walls. I think he is searching to find the answer as to what the hell ended him up in this horrible condition. He can definitely understand a lot of our questions and even some more of our complex logic. For Example I told him that __________ won the Dew Tour last weekend (Huge snowboard contest), and he immediately gave this look like No way, that is totally impossible. Which, if you knew the name, and the situation, you would reaction pretty spot on. But it was exciting that he was quick to understand that was nearly impossible, but yet it’s not like I said Cookie Monster or something so unbelievable. He was able to quickly know that no way in hell that person was winning the Dew Tour.

Things are looking up for all of us. Down for him. That’s about all I can say. We are all happy to be slowly getting him back, but he has so far to go it’s sort of scary. He is going to get there but it sure is going to take a bit.

Another night down. Time to get some sleep.

Love ya Danny!


PS all you that donated last night my computer is having major problems so I didn’t get to add you to the donations list. I will take care of that tomorrow. Thanks for all of your support. Love you all!

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