Continental Breakfast

January 18th, 2011 by MIchelle

It’s 5:42 AM. The mornings are starting to come quicker now that Danny is more astir. The night shift flies by. Keeping him company is more interactive. Yesterday was a big day for Danny. He had PT and a lot of other things going on to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Ellen said it seemed to be overwhelming, as I’m sure it must have been. It’s hard to imagine being in his shoes. When he wakes up he looks around the room with glazed over eyes with a blank stare I can’t help, but wonder what he’s thinking. I know that he is registering some of the things we say to him. If you talk to him and look him in the eyes you can see emotion. Sometimes it’s in the form of tears and others a faint smile. One of our favorite reactions from Danny is the look he gives when, for example, Conor told him that I’ve been eating three donuts at the continental breakfast after our walk home (not true). It’s priceless.

Smile count today for Danny was three. Two were from the same story, but I’ll take it.


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  1. Julie Santuccio Cummings Says:

    So….I gotta tell you, I have been following this website from the minute I heard about the accident. I don’t really know Danny too well, just from his days of working with me at Zeb’s General Store, which I think was his very first “real” job…ask him…I’m sure you will get an eye roll or two! Anyways, he was always a great person and so easy to get along with. When I heard the news about the accident I was shocked and haven’t stopped sending positive vibes his way. But, what is so amazing is the LOVE that people have for Danny that I have seen through this website, facebook, people I run into and throughout the Mt Washington Valley… it is absolutely incredible! I don’t know you Michelle, but I gotta tell you if you and Conor were my friends/brother there is no way I would not try and find my way back to you. Your dedication and love is truley a gift that I think Danny is very aware of…hold on tight, he will be back to his old self sooner that you know.

    Julie Cummings

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