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January 17th, 2011 by Conor

Danny T! I always said this when saying hello to Danny. He would always return and say Scottyyyyyyy B in some comical voice that made us both crack up with laughter. Hanging out with Danny was always a pleasure. I always go back and think of how I met Danny and even his brother Conor and it seems so odd to think how it evolved into so much more. I met Danny when he was promoting FLIGI (pronounced Fly Guy, before I met the bros I always pronounced it fleegee) his clothing company. I met him through Preston and soon Danny was introduced to the whole “Cranny Crew” haha. We had a blast all shredding together and before long Danny offered us to give us some gear that we could show off to promote his business. The crew dove into the FLIGI bandana line and steezed hard. Or at least we thought we did. The crew met Conor when we did a FLIGI photo shoot at Cranmore in the Lucky Loop and we had a blast hitting the rails and taking some pictures.
One of the biggest things I will always remember about meeting Danny was how comfortable he was at riding and how good he was at it, but when we talked with him about pursuing it further than just a hobby he told us he was too old! Sure all of the Cranny Crew was only in high school but he was only just out of college! We all thought it was ridiculous! Danny was always a great rider but when he finally convinced himself that he could make it in the pro snowboarding world, his skills took off like a bullet.
I have followed everything Danny and Conor have been doing with Shreddy Times and am very proud of them! They are role models to me as business people and also as people who are loving life and following their passion.

Some great experiences that I would never have had if it wasn’t for Danny are:

-All the excitement that came from being “sponsored” by FLIGI. I’m still enjoying the gear to this day.

-The River Trips (everyone from the Valley knows what Trip in particular I’m talking about) funny thing is that the first year I did it Zach wasn’t, therefore the only image I had of the man whose birthday we were celebrating was the Zach that was illustrated on Danny’s poster board haha.

-All the awesome people I have met around town because of Danny.

Deep into the future I will continue to enjoy Shreddy Times and the relationships that formed from Danny. Thanks for everything bro! Can’t wait till your better. I owe you some riding, I’ve been slacking hard!

Attached are some photos from the Fligi shoot taken by Conor. Also are some great shots from the 2nd annual river trip (not taken by me). And Ken decided not to post it so I thought I would, the result of the Twix/Snickers bet (also not taken by me).

-Scottyyyyyyyy B!

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