A Graveyard Shaved Head

January 17th, 2011 by Conor

Danny was awake for a good stretch around 2 am and he looked a little bummed out. He was pretty foggy in general so it’s hard to say what he was feeling but he looked kind of sad. I find it hard to say this, but, If he is sad that’s almost a good thing. That means he is able to process what is going on and realize that it’s not good. To most of us that seems like a pretty obvious thing but you have to understand that with regards to brain damage we are trying to find out where exactly Danny stands.

Anyway, to me he looked sad. So I thought I would go ahead and join the ranks with Joe McCusker and Ian Stacey and try to cheer him up. So at 2 am when Danny was the most awake he was all night I decided to shave my head in the bathroom of his room to try to put a smile on his face. Can’t say that I got the reaction that i was really hoping for but I figured it was worth a shot at cheering him up. At some point he will get it. Until then I will do whatever it takes to try to put a smile on his face.

Dad you’re next!

4 Responses to “A Graveyard Shaved Head”

  1. kate Says:

    Great sense of humor Conor! Yes, David should be next!

  2. Laurie Trapasso Pochelon Says:

    You are a very good brother. And though it won’t matter coming from me, youre still a handsome kid.

  3. Carol Says:

    Lookin good Conor!!!

  4. Josh Belcher Says:

    I hope you kept a rat tail in order to show some TRUE respect! Haha

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