Words. Rory Bente’

January 16th, 2011 by Conor

Hang in there Danny. Every day is a challange. Every pain is a choice. It is your body testing your mind and will to live and go forward. Don’t let your body tell you what you know and believe you can conquer. Twenty-seven years ago I thought that the last thing I would do on this earth after a massive head injury was to give birth to my daughter. I wanted my family to have something of me to remember me by. It was the struggle of my life and it still hurts so I won’t lie. I still struggle with depression and overwhelming pain but it does get better as I get stronger and more willing to go forward. Keep moving… no matter how small the moves… no matter what it takes… if you can only use your brain than read; write; not about your injuries but about the things you want to do and the way that you will improve them. I am now a grandmother and my daughter and son-in-law are happy and in love. So my life was not a testimony to pain but a testament to love and healing. You are the only one that can keep you going. You are the power and the source of your own healing so take no words that keep you from your goal into your heart. Keep around positive people who believe what you know to be your life in the future. Things will change but only you can change them. Good luck and God Bless you Danny. You are the BOMB… and your video an inspiration.

~Rory Bente’

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