Words. Mike Wade

January 16th, 2011 by Conor

Conor, Michelle and family thanks for keeping us all up to date with everything that is going on. This website is gonna blow his mind, I can’t wait to read about that! But as you know the recovery process will take some time not to mention the time it will take him to process this is real, its not a bad dream.

As some of you might know 4.5 years ago I had a life changing accident. I crashed a car and when I awoke I was covered in tubes and IVs in the ICU, I didn’t and still don’t remember accident happening, it did! As I awoke I was confused and thought it was a bad dream. However as things were being explained to me I realized that my legs weren’t moving. It all hit me at once, this is real! I spent 2 months in the hospital and rehab. I had never broke a bone in my body but now I had shattered a vertebrae, broke my leg, fractured ribs and a separated shoulder.Before I woke I already had a 7 hr emergency surgery to replace the shattered vertebrae and fuse it with hardware.

I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about my experience and all the people that were and still are around me. Danny was one of these people! I can remember when I was in the ICU and began having visitors, they had to come in as groups of 4 or 5… after a few groups Danny came in, I don’t remember the details because I was showing off my morphine button but even in my drugged up state I remember him laughing as I continued my morphine mummbling. He visited a few more times before I left for rehab. I have seen him a bunch of times since but these things stick out.

About 2 years ago I started monoskiing and about that time I saw his sponsorship video (I’ve known he was good but had never seen him ride, I was in awe he was killing it)… it made me wanna try some tricks of my own. It was the end of the season and I was at Cranmore, we went by the park and I noticed some “ride on boxes”. This was my first year monoskiing but I wanted to prove what I could do. First try… nailed it! I couldn’t believe it! So I needed proof now, we went up with a camera. Second try…. failed. I couldn’t go out like that so we went back up…third try nailed it! Ecstatic I called it a day. Sitting on the deck was Danny (not riding cause a broken collar bone I think), so I went up to him and told him of my domination in the park… not sure he believed me but I had proof. I showed him the videos, he laughed at the crash and congratulated me on the successful attempts. It was cause of his videos that attempted it and why I continue pushing myself.(Conor said if I hit some jumps I might be able to make a video appearance, I’m working on it). I love shredding now and am looking forward to taking some runs with you guys in the future.

I know the feeling of wondering “why?” I still think about it daily and haven’t come up with a good answer…. not sure if I ever will. I have learned a lot though. I am much more aware of how it is easy to take the simple things for granted and how precious life really is when it is broken down.

Danny Get Shredder! Thinking about you bro.

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  1. Diane Says:

    Mikey D, you are the epitome of the word “inspiration.” Love you lots and love the fact that you are Danny’s friend. For the record, I still think of you every day too.

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