Words. Kellen Kmiecik

January 16th, 2011 by Conor

For the past 4 months I have been fortunate enough to come out to Australia and play baseball with one of Danny’s closest mates Sean Guinard. About 2 weeks ago, Sean and I traveled up to Surfers Paradise, Australia where I was able to meet and stay with another close friend of Sean and Danny’s, Ian Stacey. On our second day up in Surfers, we learned of the tragic accident that happened to Danny. Even though I have never met Danny, his very well spoken friend Sean has showed me many videos and has told countless stories of his best friend. When hearing about the accident, I came to realize how amazing of a person Danny is after witnessing the concern and sorrow that was brought upon both Sean and Ian. It takes a true man and friend to leave an impact on someone‚Äôs life like Danny does to both Sean and Ian. The question often arises in this world,”Why do bad things happen to good people?” About 4 years ago I played on a missionary baseball team up in Alaska and my team chaplain gave me a pretty solid answer to this question. He said, “There are very few things that we have complete control of in this life. When bad things happen to good people, people tend to rush to the conclusion and only see and perceive the negative side to what is really happening. Yes it may seem like a tragedy, but if ONE persons misfortune not only brings family and friends closer to each other, but also brings them closer to God. Well then, it seems as if the Big Man upstairs is working miracles.” When I heard this answer, I still really did not grasp the concept to what he was really trying to say. As I pondered about it for the next few days, I began to realize that if someone impacts others lives by living a caring, compassionate, and loving life (As it seems Danny does). It truly demonstrates that they are gifts and miracles from God. We are God’s children and he would never want us to suffer and turn away from Him. Instead, He wants us not only to look to to each other for support, but to come closer to Him by seeking his guidance and love. When I heard of the accident, I have kept Danny, his family, and his friends in my prayers and thoughts every day. Sean reads me the updates almost every day and I am able to see the constant progression Danny has made through his brothers words. After hearing these past few updates, I know God is watching over and protecting Danny. I will continue to keep Danny and his family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting Danny! Cause God has many great things in store for you.

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