Words. Charlie Dickson

January 16th, 2011 by Conor

I’ve really been trying to put this off for as long as possible. Not because I don’t have any stories or even some epic memories to share–trust me I could write a friggen book. Truth be told, its because I haven’t been willing to accept that this actually happen to my friend. All I can think and say is, “how could this happen”, “I don’t believe it” and “why can’t more be done”. Like everyone else, I don’t wanna accept it. Danny is in there, he is fighting to come out, I know he will fight his way back to all of us. Why am I so confident about this? It’s Danny Toumarkine we are talking about here people! He is the freaken Superman of snowboarding!! I mean lets be serious here, he launches himself off 100 foot jumps like a god damn missal on a regular basis. Snowboarding is who he is, it is as much a part of his identity as that crazy laugh of his. He is snowboading and snowboarding is him–his passion makes him one of the best and the best in my book. Yes, he takes risks ever time he straps on that board, but know one deserves something like this to happen to them. Not me, not you, and definitely not Danny.

Earlier today I found myself driving in the jeep (I’m still the JeepMaster) and I thought “what the hell, lets throw in a little pimp mix 8 into the ole cd player to lighten my mood”. I started thinking about all the times Danny and I shared in my Jeep. Driving up and down the strip in noco jamin out to a little Ja Rule–Danny knew every word. Those my friends, were the good ole days. Which brings me to this….Danny for some reason had an obsession with driving my jeep. He’d drive the thing anywhere and everywhere. There is a strong possibility he drove it more then me, actually I’m pretty sure he did. We would go everywhere in that thing–off road, on road, Wendy’s multiple times a day, no seriously, we had a problem with Jr bacon cheese burgers, road trips to see Conor and Josh–it was pretty much the family car. When I say “family” I mean it. Danny and Conor were like a family to me. I considered Danny’s home my second home. His family always made me feel like one of the family and I always appreciated it. I logged some serious time in that spare bed room. Let me tell you–Danny and Conor always made me feel like I belonged there. And, they were always there for me no matter what. Ups and downs, they were there. Always making me feel better, always making me laugh. Those are true friends. The best I’ve had.

Danny is an amazing friend. There is no doubt in my mind that Danny would go to bat for anyone of his friends no matter what, he never gets down, picks you up when your dealing with troubled times, he’s an all around good guy, the kid can do anything he puts his mind too and he’s MY friend! I’m proud of him, I hope he knows that. Danny I’m praying for you buddy everyday. I wish there was something I could say or do to make this better. Conor, you are truly an amazing brother. The strength you’ve shown throughout this experience is nothing short of inspiring. Your focus and commitment to watching over him, making sure he’s never alone, taking the graveyard shifts, keeping everyone informed and showing us all what love is. Danny knows you’re there, he knows you won’t let anything happen to him, he knows you will be waiting for him when he wakes up and he knows you’ll be with him no matter what may lay ahead. Conor, as much as I am here for Danny, I am here for you too.


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